Does Sanji Die in One Piece? (Manga and Anime)

Does Sanji Die in One Piece? (Manga and Anime)

Vinsmoke Sanji is best known as the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates in Oda’s One Piece manga. He is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth to join, doing so at the end of the Baratie Arc. Now, Sanji is an indispensable part of Luffy’s crew and throughout the decades, he has been featured in some dangerous missions that the Straw Hats have done, with some of them being potentially fatal. Now, in this article, we are going to give you Sanji’s story in short and tell you whether he dies in One Piece, i.e., whether he is dead or alive.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Vinsmoke Sanji is, of course, alive in One Piece and did not die as of the time of writing.
  • Now, seeing how One Piece really isn’t a tragedy, the death of a Straw Hat member wouldn’t make sense for now since it just wouldn’t be Oda’s style.
  • Having said that, Sanji has been in several near-death adventures over the years and fans have speculated about his potential death, but at the moment – he is alive and well.

Will Sanji die in the One Piece?

Sanji is the fourth child of the Vinsmoke family, who treated him quite cruelly; this is why he decided to become a pirate, a dangerous line of work that brought him into plenty of life-threatening situations.

Mistreated by his brothers and disowned by his father after his mother’s death, Sanji decided to flee and, helped by his sister Reiju, embarked on a ship as an assistant cook; sometime later, the ship was attacked by Zeff’s pirates. Due to a storm, Sanji fell into the water, and Zef dived into the sea to save him, landing on a rock: here, Zef gave the boy a bag which he said contained a third of the food that he had managed to recover while he would keep the rest.

After seventy days without food, Sanji decided to steal the pirate’s food, discovering that his bag was full of gold and jewels and that he had amputated and eaten his leg to survive. Zeff then reveals to him why he saved him: both dream of finding the All Blue, a legendary stretch of sea where you can find any kind of fish. Rescued, they decided to open a floating restaurant together, the Baratie, and Zeff taught Sanji to fight with kicks to preserve his hands for cooking alone.

Years later, the newborn Straw Hat crew arrives at the Baratie, including Captain Monkey D. Luffy, the swordsman Roronoa Zoro, the thief Nami, and the sniper Usopp. At the same time, Gin arrives at the restaurant, second in command of the Creek fleet, about to starve after Drakule Mihawk decimated the fleet in the Long Line.


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Gin gives his life as a token of gratitude to save Sanji from the poisonous gas Creek launched. At the same time, he was defeated by Luffy during the clashes, even though Sanji had decided to feed the pirate and take his captain to the restaurant to steal the restaurant ship. Sanji then thanks Zeff for taking care of him until then and joins Luffy and his friends as a cook. He manages to reach the Great Line and meets the crew of Arlong and the naval captain Smoker with the help of his new friends.

Here, they meet the princess of Alabasta, Nefertari Vivi, who discovers that her kingdom has been targeted by the members of the Fleet of Seven Crocodiles. Once in Alabasta, the crew, joined by the ship’s doctor, Tony Chopper, collides with the Baroque Works, an organization headed by Crocodile: specifically, Sanji faces and defeats Mr. 2.

After the adventure on Skypiea Island, where they faced off against Enel, as well as the Foxy Pirates, Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy try to stop the admiral of the Navy Aokiji from the intent to capture Nico Robin, archaeologist and former right-hand man of Crocodile who joined the crew in the meantime. When Robin is then kidnapped by CP9, the crew, together with the cyborg Franky, attack the island of Enies Lobby to free it. After having neutralized the cook Wanze on the train of the sea, Sanji is neutralized once on the island by Califa, refusing to hit a woman, then recovers and eliminates Jabura.

Following this, the navy puts a bounty on his head, but instead of a photo, he is represented by a drawing that does not look very similar. At Thriller Bark, the crew meets the skeleton musician Brook and runs into the crew of Gekko Moria. Sanji faces Absalom and then tries to sacrifice himself in Zoro’s place to protect Luffy from Orso Bartholomew, but his companion neutralizes him.


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At the Sabaody archipelago, after meeting the mermaid Kayme, he meets Duval, a bounty hunter whose face is identical to the photo on Sanji’s wanted poster: despite Duval trying to kill him, he manages to defeat him by changing his characteristics. After Luffy attacks a world Noble to defend Kaymie, they are attacked by Admiral Kizaru and again by Bartholomew, who sends the members to various parts of the world. Sanji ends up in Momoiro, where he meets Emporio Ivankov, who, having learned that he is a fellow of Luffy, decides to train him for the next two years.

Back at the Sabaody Islands, Sanji reunites with the crew, and once they reach Fish-Man Island, they help foil a conspiracy against the kingdom by Hody Jones and his pirates. Once in the New World, they land at Punk Hazard, where they team up with the Heart pirate crew led by Trafalgar Law in order to overthrow Emperor Kaido.

Here they capture the scientist Caesar Clown, producer of artificial devil fruits and protégé of Donquijote Do Flamingo, who gets rich by selling these fruits on the black market and especially to Kaido. They also meet the samurai, Kin’emon and Momonosuke, who join them. In Dressrosa, after escaping Doflamingo, Sanji, Nami, Brook, and Chopper are attacked by the ship of the Empress Big Mom, being forced to temporarily separate from the crew.

The four head to Zo, where they meet the mink tribe: here, Sanji is kidnapped by Capone Bege, a member of Big Mom’s crew, to force him to marry Charlotte Pudding, daughter of the empress, to ally with the family Charlotte and the Vinsmokes. Initially, Sanji, after an altercation with Luffy, agrees to the union provided that his companions, who have arrived on Whole Cake Island to save him, can sail safely; however, when he learns that this marriage is a farce to eliminate all the Vinsmokes, Sanji asks his captain for help, obtaining it.

Through Jinbe’s mediation, they then ally with Bege to eliminate Big Mom during the wedding. After thwarting the plan to eliminate the Vinsmokes, however, they are forced to withdraw due to the failure of the plan concocted by Bege. Miraculously escaping the empress, they arrive in Wano Country, Kaido’s headquarters. Here, they discover the truth about the origins of Kin’emon and his companions and learn about Kozuki Oden’s story.

Gathered, the Straw Hat pirates and the samurai assault Onigashima, home of Kaido’s crew: here, Sanji, after being briefly captured by Black Maria and freed by Robin, faces and neutralizes Queen thanks also to the manifestation of the genetic modifications operated on the Vinsmoke by Judge. Sanji played a major part in the defeat of the two Emperors, Big Mom and Kaido, in Wano Country, after which he continued with Luffy on their journeys. As you can see, Sanji has had several dangerous encounters over the years, but he has survived them all and is still alive and well.

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