Minecraft: Here’s How To Make Horse Armor

Can You Make Horse Armor in Minecraft Here Is How

If you want to protect yourself against damage in Minecraft, you’re going to use armor, and if you want to protect your loyal steed, you will apply the same logic. There is a catch though as horse armor is much more difficult to obtain when compared to regular armor meant to be worn by players. While there are several types of horse armor at our disposal, not all of them can be simply created by using materials we gather from the world. Having said all that let’s see if horse armor can be crafted in Minecraft, and most importantly, how to do it. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The only horse armor that you can craft in Minecraft is leather horse armor. You can do that by combining 7x pieces of leather at a crafting table.
  • The other types of horse armor can only be acquired through exploring and looting. 

How many types of horse armor are there in Minecraft? 

There are 4 types of horse armor at your disposal we’re talking about leather, iron, gold, and diamond horse armor. Leather horse armor is considered to be the weakest, with diamond horse armor being the strongest. When it comes to iron and gold horse armor, gold horse armor is more powerful. When it comes to the armor worn by the player, the exact opposite is true and iron armor is much more powerful than golden armor. 

all horse armors
All horse armor types available in the game

Currently, you cannot find or craft netherite horse armor, it’s simply not available in the game. This, however, may change in the future with updates as more and more content is being added to Minecraft

One specific thing about horse armor is the fact that it doesn’t have durability, unlike player armor. No matter how much your horse is hit the armor will endure and absorb damage according to its starts. 


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Is it possible to craft horse armor in Minecraft? 

It is possible to craft horse armor but only the leather type. It’s crafted by using 7 pieces of regular leather at the crafting table. The result will be one piece of horse armor that you can equip on a horse. The horse will be provided with minimum protection, at least when compared to other armor types. 

crafting horse armor
Crafting leather horse armor

Leather horse armor is easiest to find, especially when you consider the fact that expert leatherworkers you can run into while you explore villages can have some in stock as well. 

Where do you find horse armor? 

You can find horse armor at specific locations spawning in chests. The locations in question are dungeons, desert temples, End cities, jungle temples, Nether fortresses, Stronghold, and villages. All types of armor have more or less the same drop rates.

Having said all that, always aim for diamond horse armor as it’s the strongest in the game. But, if you’re forced to go without diamond armor or you’re just starting out without any kind of horse armor at all, crafting leather armor is a great alternative. 

How to get horse armor with commands? 

You can use commands to give yourself horse armor in Minecraft and it’s pretty easy. Simply type /give <player> diamond_horse_armor 1, and one piece of diamond horse armor will be added to your inventory. You can replace diamond_horse_armor with any type of armor in the game. Diamond armor is most useful though. 

You can also use console commands to summon an already tamed and armored horse. To do that, type /summon horse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1, SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1}, ArmorItem:{id:diamond_horse_armor, Count:1}}. This is basically a full package when it comes to horses. The summoned horse will be tamed, armored saddled, and ready to go into battle. 

Can you enchant horse armor? 

Unlike regular armor, horse armor cannot be enchanted in Survival mode. We’ve recently talked about the best enchantments for netherite armor and sadly those do not affect horse armor at least not in Survival mode. Creative mode, however, allows you to enchant horse armor by using an anvil and an enchantment. The enchantments currently available for horse armor are: Depth Strider, Thorns, Respiration, Feather Falling, and Curse of Vanishing

enchanting horse armor in creative mode
Enchanting horse armor in Creative mode

While the enchantments are currently not available in Survival mode, they most likely will be in the future all we need to do is wait. Until then, you can play around in Creative. 

Can you dye horse armor? 

Only leather horse armor can be dyed. It’s a simple process done in a single step. To dye horse armor in Minecraft Java edition simply combine 1x leather armor and 1x any color you have in your inventory. The result will be dyed leather horse armor in that color. You have 12,326,391 different colors at your disposal as different shades and colors can be created by mixing two colors. 

dyeing horse armor
Dyeing leather horse armor

To undo the changes you’ve made to your armor, simply drop the dyed armor into a cauldron filled with water. The result will be cleaned leather armor and some of the water will be missing from the cauldron. 

mixing shades of dyed leather armor
Mixing different colors is also possible

To dye armor in the Bedrock edition, the process is a bit more complicated but nevertheless an easy one. To dye horse armor in Bedrock follow these steps: 

  1. Fill the cauldron with water 
  2. Interact with the water-filled cauldron while holding your selected dye 
  3. The water in the cauldron should take the color of your dye
  4. Interact with the cauldron while holding leather horse armor 
  5. The result should be horse armor dyed in your specific color. 
red leather armor

And that’s pretty much it. As you can see when it comes to horse armor you have several types at your disposal, like leather, iron, diamond, and golden armor. Only one type of armor can be crafted and that’s leather horse armor. When it comes to other types of armor you’re simply going to have to find them or add them with commands. 


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When it comes to enchanting horse armor, that can currently only be done in creative mode, with several enchantments available to you. When it comes to dyeing armor, this is limited to leather armor as well and the changes can be reverted. 

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