Minecraft: Here’s What Happens When You Beat the Game

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People have been actively playing Minecraft for over ten years, making it seem like the game is hard to beat or has no end. People tend to dislike games with no end because they don’t give them purpose. All that you do in Minecraft is essentially pointless if you don’t have a way to end the game, so can you beat Minecraft, and what happens when you do it?

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  • You certainly can beat Minecraft by going to the End dimension and killing the Ender Dragon.
  • You can then go into a portal that will roll the end credits scene like any other game, or you can continue exploring your world, building things, and killing the Ender Dragon repeatedly.

Does Minecraft have an ending?

That depends on what you define as an ending. If you define a game ending by getting the answer to the various questions you might have had while playing a game that wraps up the whole story in an epic culmination, then no, Minecraft does not have an ending.

If you consider that ending the game means simply killing the game’s final boss, then yes, it does. But if you think that ending the game means that you don’t get to play it after, and you have to start a brand new campaign actually to play it, then the answer is also no.

Minecraft is limitless. Even though it doesn’t follow a certain storyline, players are encouraged to make their own stories. The Ender Dragon, aka Jean, the final boss of Minecraft, can be whatever you want it to be. She can be this all-mighty being that controls Minecraft’s entire existing world or this lonesome creature that wants to be left alone and kills only the intruders.

Minecraft lore

There isn’t much to say about Minecraft lore. People have been theory-crafting about the various aspects of the Minecraft lore ever since its release and the introduction of multiple mobs and mysterious structures. Still, officially, Minecraft doesn’t have lore or, at least, not enough officially confirmed lore for us to understand the whole picture.


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How long does it take to beat Minecraft?

That depends on your prior knowledge of the game, how skillful you are, and how eager you are actually to finish the game. If your only goal is to beat the Ender Dragon, it should take five to seven days if you do your research before and know how to get to the End dimension and kill the Ender Dragon. For some, it might take well over 500 hours to do so, but on average, it can take 90 hours.

Minecraft has no guidelines, no tutorials…nothing that’s embedded into the game itself, so if you’re a new player, you are likely to get stuck trying to figure out how to mine certain ores, what they do, and how in the world they’ll help you get to the End. When I was younger and started getting into games, my goal was to finish the game all by myself, with no help from external sources.

Tutorial Hints

This was made possible because the games guided you through it. They didn’t tell you exactly what to do, but you figured it out eventually. With Minecraft, it’s nearly impossible to do the same because nothing guides you. It’s an open world with no NPCs that you can talk to and no mini-bosses that you must meet.

You choose your own path that’ll get you to finish the game, and there is no right or wrong one, so the only thing to do is to google how to get to the End, die trying a few times, and then eventually succeed.


The problem with the previous statement is speedrunners. People compete to beat Minecraft in as little time as possible. For the average player, it takes around 90 hours to win the game, but for a speedrunner, it can take them as little as 8 minutes. Speedrunning records change constantly, and it’s hard to keep track of them.

There are even multiple categories in which you can compete to beat Minecraft. The most impressive one is finishing the game on a random seed. People who take speedrunning seriously generate Minecraft multiple Minecraft worlds simultaneously and keep generating them until they think one of the seeds they’ve generated looks good and will allow them to beat the game fast.

Of course, plenty of people cheat their way into speedrunning leaderboards. Still, it doesn’t take long for the community to spot the fakes among the honorable ones who actually don’t use any mods, cut scenes, and other methods that make it easier for them to cheat their way to the top of the leaderboards.

What happens when you finish Minecraft?

Two things happen when you finish the game. One is inevitable, while the other can happen depending on whether or not you want it to happen. When you kill the Ender Dragon, the dragon will begin crumbling and eventually explode, producing shrieking noises while it happens. It will then drop XP accompanied by its loot.

The explosion generates 12.000 experience points the first time you kill it. This can level you up all the way to level 68 if you’re starting from zero. After the first kill, you only get 500 experience points every time you kill the dragon, but for that, you must respawn it. The Bedrock fountain found at the center of the End island will become the exit portal. This portal leads you to the end credits but hold your horses, don’t go there just yet.

You will also get a dragon egg that you can then take to use as a trophy or to respawn the Ender Dragon, and an End Gateway portal will appear 75 to 100 blocks from the exit portal. When you enter this portal, you can explore the End and even get an Elytra and Shulker Boxes, the best chest in Minecraft.


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The exit portal

before rolling the end credits, the End Poem will appear first written by musician Julian Gough. The poem has been in the game since it was first released, but due to poor communication between the musician and the then-CEO of Mojang, Julian refused to sign a contract that would fully transfer the rights of the poem to Mojang. Julian owned all rights to the poem up until 2022 when Julian announced that the poem was released under the CCO 1.0 license.

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