Itachi vs. Goku: Who Wins the Fight & How?

Itachi vs. Goku: Who Wins the Fight & How?

Martial arts and fighting is an essential element of a lot of anime series. Some of them are lesser-known, while others are among the most important works in the genre. The latter group includes both Naruto and Dragon Ball, two of the most popular anime series in history; both of them are members of the “Big Four”. Now, in this article, we are not going to compare the two series, but rather two of their characters – Son Goku of Dragon Ball, and Itachi Uchiha of Naruto – in order to tell you which character is stronger.

Due to his enormous potential and incredible feats, Son Goku would be able to defeat Itachi Uchiha in a direct clash of these martial arts masters. Son Goku is an actual god and he grows stronger with each fight, and while Itachi was undoubtedly one of the most powerful and potent shinobi in the series, whose power was only limited by his illness and the author’s intervention, he never reached Goku’s level of skill and experience.

The rest of the article is going to be all about comparing the two characters from Dragon Ball and Naruto, respectively. You’re going to find out who Son Goku and Itachi Uchiha are, as well as what their exact powers and abilities are. In the end, based on what we have presented earlier, we’re going to give our final verdict on who is stronger. It’s promising to be a fun story so keep reading until the end!

Itachi and his powers

Itachi Uchiha was a major Naruto character and one of the principal antagonists of the series. He demonstrated extraordinary qualities from a young age, such as his intellect and exceptional talent for all ninja disciplines. He managed to graduate from the ninja academy at the young age of 7, become a Chūnin at age 10, and be an ANBU squad captain at age 13.

He was also admired by the teachers, who ensured that his progress needed no help. It’s hard to name all of his accomplishments, but that can’t be said to measure Itachi’s true ability. He probably had the biggest potential of all the Naruto characters, as he only died because Kishimoto found it plot-relevant for such a powerful character to disappear, as he had been virtually invincible.

Itachi 1

His true potential could only be understood by those who approached his level. In the few battles he was seen participating in, he proved to be an incredibly strong ninja, managing to defeat a large number of powerful shinobi with great ease. Despite his modesty regarding his abilities, his Akatsuki teammate Kisame Hoshigaki, as well as Orochimaru, recognized that Itachi was much stronger than them. Even Obito said that Itachi never ceased to amaze him even when he was dead.


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This shinobi was mainly characterized by having the ability to study the movements of his opponent from a long distance and respond quickly, almost always using genjutsu. Like all bearers of the Sharingan, he was capable of inducing his enemies with simple eye contact. Furthermore, he had trained his eyes so much that he was able to have the Sharingan activated for a long period of time with minimal chakra wear. Itachi possessed the Mangekyō Sharingan, which increased his power exponentially, easily surpassing any normal Sharingan, allowing him to use the eye techniques derived from it.

Itachi was a great connoisseur of all the techniques of the Uchiha Clan, especially the capabilities of the Sharingan. He could use high-level ninjutsu, such as the Great Clone Blast. In Itachi’s techniques, the presence of crows was common, both in ninjutsu and genjutsu. For example, he was able to create a clone that split into large numbers of crows, which would attack the opponent with various shurikens.

Also, he could summon ravens to use as a distraction. Itachi was also a common user of the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Crow Clone Jutsu. During his battle with Sasuke, when they were continuously performing a shuriken attack, Itachi was able to create a shadow clone and attack his brother with it. As an experienced member of the Uchiha Clan, Itachi was a great user of the Fire Release.

He knew jutsu like the flames of the phoenix or the great ball of fire, a jutsu characteristic of his clan. He was also shown to be a user of the Water Release, whereby he could use jutsu such as the Water Dragon Missile jutsu without needing to be near pre-existing water.

As a fully trained ANBU from Konoha, Itachi was also proficient in Kenjutsu, mainly demonstrated in his battle with Kabuto Yakushi after being reincarnated. Itachi also had great skill with Fūinjutsu, as seen when he performs the Transcription Seal: Amaterasu on Sasuke just moments before his death.

Although his most common attacks were genjutsu-based, Itachi was also highly skilled in taijutsu. His skill was at a high level, even though he was not a specialist in it. This was shown when he easily defeated Tekka, Yashiro, and Inabi, all of whom were his superiors and members of the Konoha Military Police.

In the first part, during the meeting in the Land of Gire, he was able to stop his brother Sasuke’s Chidori with one hand, thus avoiding the attack, then grabbing his wrist, breaking his arm, and kicking him to the other side. from the room to hit him again. In Part II, he was able to keep up with Sasuke, who had improved his taijutsu under Orochimaru’s tutelage, being gravely ill with severely impaired eyesight, and in the Fourth Shinobi World War, again demonstrate his skills in this area. during a battle against Naruto in his Kyuubi chakra mode and against Killer B.


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Even expert Sharingan users, such as Kakashi and Sasuke, had difficulty seeing his movements. He was also skilled with the Body Flicker Jutsu and capable of attacking a target, then immediately moving to the location they had retreated to, giving them no time to initiate a counterattack. He also displayed a considerable amount of physical strength, enough to cause small craters in the ground with a few kicks.

Son Goku and his powers

Son Goku is the main protagonist of the manga Dragon Ball, and their animated adaptations, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball Kai, then Dragon Ball Super, as well as the alternative animated sequel to the first two series, Dragon Ball GT. An orphan exiled from the defunct planet Vegeta, he lands on Earth where he grows up with his adoptive grandfather. His adventure begins the day he meets Bulma, a young adventurer, who invites him to look for the Dragon Balls.

goku ui

In terms of pure powers, we can state that Son Goku has become a true Saiyan god as the series progressed. He doesn’t have any superpowers like some other superheroes, but he can utilize his physique and his fighting skills in such a way that he truly does seem superhuman.

He is a constantly evolving character that upgrades his skills and potential after each big challenge, becoming more powerful after every fight. In that aspect, his potential is practically unlimited and it is safe to assume – although, we have to reiterate that, there is no hard evidence for this – that his potential is night infinite. When it comes to speed, well, we don’t actually know how fast Goku is. We know he’s fast. His reflexes are brilliant and he can, indeed, move really fast. But how fast is he, exactly? We haven’t a clue.

If we consult Dragon Ball Super, where Goku’s powers have become almost absurdly big, and compare his speed to the general speed of the Dragon Ball Z characters, we could assume that he’s become the fastest character in the series. The sad thing is – we have absolutely no proof of this and this brings us to the verifiability issue mentioned above. This is one of such unverified (or even unverifiable) assumptions that you can freely interpret.


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Son Goku is a superb warrior who never gets weary and becomes better after every battle in terms of stamina. Son Goku is a trained martial artist, making him naturally skilled in hand-to-hand combat; instead of relying on his strength and his abilities, he uses his talents and intricate fighting techniques. Additionally, because of his Saiyan build, he can battle for an extremely long time—so long that it is debatable whether he ever tires—though this is another unsubstantiated notion that is open to interpretation. Additionally, he develops and expands after each combat, which increases his durability.

He is not immortal, though, which is something we thought was worth mentioning at this point. Finally, we’d like to confirm that Goku doesn’t really have any known weaknesses in the classical sense. Sure, he can be beaten, but there is no secret weapon you could use in a fight against him. If you’re a better fighter, you’ll win; if not, there’s really no “cheat code” you could use.

Itachi Uchiha vs. Son Goku: Who would win?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

On a general level, it cannot be doubted that Son Goku is the stronger of the two and that despite all of Itachi’s potential – and we cannot overstate his potential – he was never on Goku’s level. This is because the world of Naruto simply functions on a different level than that of Dragon Ball and Itachi could never actually reach Goku’s level because that was a level above the world he was part of. Still, Itachi wasn’t without a chance.


Goku vs. Naruto: Who Would Win & Why?

Namely, based on which version of Goku he would fight, Itachi could, perhaps, come out as the victor of this duel. Were he to fight a young Goku or an earlier veresion of the character, a version that had unlocked only a small portion of his Saiyan powers, Itachi would certainly be able to win. Namely, Itachi’s martial arts skills are impressive, and in terms of powers, he was probably on Naruto’s level, if not above (objectively, of course, because Naruto had to be the strongest one for plot-related reasons).

This means that Itachi would definitely stand a chance against Goku and that a weaker Goku would even lose to Itachi. On the other hand, Goku has since become so powerful that no Naruto character could measure it up against him. Goku is near Beerus’ level – if he hasn’t surpassed him already – and that is a level that is so much above anything that we’ve seen in Naruto that any discussion here becomes completely useless. That is why Goku is the general winner here, but we have explained how and under what circumstances Itachi could – perhaps – be able to defeat Goku.

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