Jujutsu Kaisen: No, Megumi Did Not Die in Shibuya! Here’s How He Survived!

Jujutsu Kaisen: No, Megumi Did Not Die in Shibuya! Here's How He Survived!

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Because of his enormous popularity and overall importance for Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi Fushiguro is a character we have discussed more than once on Fiction Horizon. He is one of the most important Jujutsu Kaisen characters, especially because he is part of the protagonist trio. He has been in many dangerous situations throughout the series, but the problem he faced in Shibuya is certainly the toughest he’s been in up to this moment. We saw Megumi knocked out and bloody… is he dead? Will he survive the Shibuya Incident? In this article, we will explain everything, so keep reading!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Megumi Fushiguro was part of Nanami’s team in Shibuya, but at one point, Nanami left them, and he was left alone with Yuji before going to help Naobito’s team. As Toji isolated him, he was left at the mercy of Haruta Shigemo.
  • Haruta wanted to kill Megumi, but faced with certain death, Megumi summoned Mahoraga, who immediately knocked Megumi out and then proceeded to attack Haruta.
  • Sukuna arrived and took care of Mahoraga and then later took Megumi to Ieiri, where he was healed, and his life was, thus, saved.

Did Megumi kill himself in Shibuya?

Long story short, Megumi Fushiguro was initially with Nanami, but after fighting with Yuji, he located Naobito’s team, as they were trapped in Dagon’s Domain. He could enter the Domain from the outside, and he planned to keep it open long enough for them to escape, but Toji interrupted that plan as he used the opening that Megumi had created to enter the Domain himself. Sure, Toji helped them by killing Dagon, but he soon took Megumi with him and engaged him in a fight.

The out-of-control Toji regained his humanity once again for a brief moment, and after realizing that Megumi remained a Fushiguro, he killed himself, proud of his son. That seemed to be fine and dandy, but soon – Haruta Shigemo arrived, and over the course of the battle, as he was activating his trump card (see below), Megumi said to Haruta: “I’ll be the first to pass on. Good luck.”

Moments later, a bloodied and passed-out Megumi is seen, while Haruta is scared of a monster that suddenly appeared. Does that mean that Megumi committed suicide? Well, not technically, no, but he was ready to die. He knew that he could not control Mahoraga and was, thus, aware that Mahoraga might kill him. Knowing that, he willingly summoned the shikigami, and that is why some of you might have interpreted the boy’s words as a “suicide note” or something similar to that. But no, Megumi did not kill himself by summoning Mahoraga – he just accepted the possibility that the shikigami might kill him.


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Did Haruta kill Megumi?

We have explained above that after Toji killed himself, Haruta Shigemo arrived and saw Megumi. One of Kenjaku’s most twisted allies managed to survive his encounter with Nanami, despite Nanami landing some fatal blows; this was all thanks to Haruta’s special ability, Miracles, which allows him to survive being killed as long as he has active Miracles on him. When he faced Nanami, he had three and was left without them by the time Sukuna activated his Domain sometime later. But, in between, Haruta Shigemo found Megumi, and he was ready to kill the young sorcerer. But did he?

Well, in all honesty, the fight between Haruta Shigemo and Megumi was not that long. It wouldn’t have been long in any case, but it probably ended sooner than Haruta had anticipated. Namely, Megumi was injured and quite exhausted when Haruta came, and while Haruta was beaten up, he was still in better shape than Megumi. Seeing how Haruta was not weak, and Megumi was in a horrible state, we can confirm that Haruta would have won that fight had the fight continued. Haruta intended to kill Megumi, and while we can confirm that he definitely would have done it had he gotten the chance, this never happened. Why?

Well, Megumi realized his situation, and based on that fact, he adapted his strategy. Knowing that he was not fit enough to face Shigemo then and that Shigemo would kill him if he did not do something, Megumi decided to activate his trump card – Mahoraga. Megumi knew Mahoraga was dangerous, but in a situation like this, Mahoraga was his best chance. He knew he couldn’t tame the shikigami, but he also knew that Mahoraga would kill Shigemo, so he summoned it and had Sukuna not intervened, Mahoraga would definitely have killed Shigemo. But what about Megumi and his fate?

Did Mahoraga kill Megumi?

The build-up of this article finally led us to this section, in which we are going to discuss what Mahoraga did to Megumi. We have already explained what happened – an exhausted Megumi was faced with Haruta Shigemo, who wanted to kill him. Seeing how he could not fight his enemy, Megumi resorted to summoning Mahoraga, a last-ditch move that could’ve cost him his own life but would also result in Shigemo’s defeat and death. And so he decided to summon the only shikigami that he could not control, and the monstrous Mahoraga entered the battle.

The next thing we saw was Megumi, unconscious and covered in blood, while Shigemo summoned him as he was running away from Mahoraga. Did Mahoraga kill Megumi? As we’ve ascertained above, Megumi was certainly ready to die when he summoned Mahoraga, and then the shikigami appeared; he immediately attacked Megumi, knocking him out. Megumi did not die, far from it, but the severity of Mahoraga’s attack was enough to seriously injure Megumi. Had he been left there for a while, he would’ve probably died, but Sukuna’s timely intervention actually saved Megumi’s life, which means that Mahoraga did not – in the end – kill the young sorcerer.


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Why did Sukuna save Megumi’s life?

And that brings us to the final section of this article. So, Mahoraga appears; he knocks out Megumi and charges at Shigemo. But, suddenly, Sukuna arrives, saves both Shigemo and Megumi and then takes Megumi to Ieiri so he can be healed. In the meantime, Mahoraga is defeated. So, why did Sukuna save Megumi? Was it a change of heart? Was it Itadori’s influence? Well – neither.

As we are going to find out very soon, during the Culling Game, Sukuna actually had a plan with Megumi, and that is why he needed the boy to survive. He did not care for Megumi, but saw Megumi as a useful tool, which is why he wanted him to live, and which is why he saved his life from Mahoraga. And that is all there is to it. We won’t be spoiling Sukuna’s plans just yet, but we advise you to stick with the series to find out more.

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