Jujutsu Kaisen: Toji vs. Tengen – Who Is Stronger & Would Win in a Fight?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Toji vs Tengen - Who Is Stronger & Would Win in a Fight

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The anime series Jujutsu Kaisen is renowned for its strong leads and amazing battles, some of which rank among the greatest animated in anime history. With the first season aired and the prequel movie becoming a big hit, the second season was announced and is currently broadcast globally. While we wait for new episodes, we’ve decided to compare two incredibly strong characters from the show. One of them is an extremely powerful and important entity, and the other is a powerful and very peculiar villain. The first is Master Tengen, of course, the entity that keeps the barriers of jujutsu society in balance, while the other is Toji Fushiguro, the main villain of Gojo’s Past Arc. In this article, you will find out who would win in a fight between the two.

Usually, a curse user beats a non-curse user, but in this case, there would be no winner in a fight between Master Tengen and Toji Fushiguro. At the peak of their powers, Master Tengen could create powerful barriers that Toji Fushiguro couldn’t breach, seeing how he has zero cursed energy. And while Tengen definitely wouldn’t be able to kill or defeat Toji, Toji would probably not be able to penetrate these barriers, so we have this one down as a draw.

Unlike our usual structure, we won’t actually be doing a category-by-category analysis of the two characters as we don’t have enough information on Master Tengen’s skills to do a proper analysis. This is why we will simply present their known powers and abilities to you here and then explain our above-given answer so that you can understand completely why it is like it is, i.e., why we honestly think that this one would end without a winner because neither of the two would be able to get the upper hand on the other.

Toji Fushiguro had zero cursed energy, yet he was a complete beast

Toji Fushiguro was a secondary antagonist in the series. He is best known for being Megumi’s father, but he caused a lot of trouble when appearing in Gojo’s past arc. And while he is a member of the Zenin family, he cut all ties with them and took the last name of his first wife and Megumi’s mother.

Toji is one of the greatest fighters in the history of jujutsu, even though he is officially a non-jujutsu sorcerer with an innate predisposition for the occult and is simply devoid of cursed energy.

Toji took on some of the fiercest and most powerful sorcerers of his time because of his inherently superior physical skills. Even S-class sorcerer Yuki Tsukumo remarked on his extraordinary prowess. Toji, at that time, vanquished the strong curse user Suguru Geto and the then-young Satoru Gojo, who was already one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. Also, he defeated Dagon, an S-class curse, in his own Domain Expansion.

He was physically strong, yet he possessed no cursed energy. As a result, Toji became the sole sorcerer on the planet whose cursed energy was totally destroyed. There are many sorcerers whose cursed energy has been severely limited by a Binding Vow to the point where it is equal to that of a regular person, but Toji’s case was exceptional.


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Toji detected curses using his five senses without using cursed energy. He became somewhat immune to curses because he was completely free of them. Most jujutsu sorcerers could not actually see him due to this exceptional ability, except for Gojo, who could see him even as a child.

Generally, Toji is physically stronger than the majority of humans. Toji’s incredible speed, which makes it difficult for his opponents to anticipate his movements, is another frequently stressed quality. Megumi asserted that Toji was faster than Sukuna with two fingers.

Toji was extremely quick on his feet and had excellent reflexes; during their fight, he managed to evade a close-range knife attack despite getting his foot stuck. Toji is skilled with several different weapons. His entire strategy for warfare relies on employing weapons rather than dark energy. He maintains a sizable arsenal in his curse, enabling him to quickly switch between them as needed.

Toji takes his tasks seriously and approaches them with prudence and patience. He has accumulated enormous knowledge of the Three Clans, including some of their effective tactics. He uses the knowledge to formulate effective plans, just as he did when he used them to tire out and sluggish Satoru and the Star Plasma Vessel.

Toji is a shrewd fighter who can assess his opponents’ skills fast. Early in their conflict, he rapidly picked up Suguru’s strategies and the Split-Mouth Woman’s command of her Simple Domain. He also proposed alternative strategies to balance Satoru’s advantages in their initial conflict.


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Master Tengen’s barriers are the best in the jujutsu society, but they have no fighting skills whatsoever

Tengen, better known as Master Tengen and referred to as ‘they’ in the series, is a supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. They are an immortal jujutsu sorcerer who remains sheltered in the Tombs of the Star Corridor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. They possess a cursed technique that grants them immortality and allows them to strengthen the barriers of jujutsu colleges. Every 500 years, they must change their body since their technique does not prevent aging. Other than using their barriers, Tengen does not alter the basic tenets of reality.

Tengen’s major skill is an immortality-granting technique called the Immortality Cursed Technique. While immortality offers perpetual life, it does not stop the aging process; it only causes a slowdown of aging.

This is why Master Tengen must restart the procedure and the technique, which stabilizes the jujutsu society’s barriers every 500 years by merging with a compatible vessel known as the Star Plasma Vessel.

If that fusion doesn’t take place, Master Tengen will transform into a brand-new lifeform that will lose its reason and maybe turn into an unforeseen enemy of humanity. The risk was too big because they were unsure of the potential results, even though this didn’t have to happen.

After all, as the manga proved, Tengen could preserve their reason even without the merging. Nonetheless, they became more of a curse than a human.

Aside from that, Master Tengen has exceptional defensive abilities, as they are the best barrier creator in the jujutsu society, more powerful than even Kenjaku, who is notoriously known for his ability to create barriers.

Combined with the obviously large amount of cursed energy that Tengen possesses, this makes them one of the most potent entities in the whole series; Tengen were able to counter Kenjaku’s barriers and techniques with their own, but this wasn’t – sadly – good enough in the end.

And while Master Tengen are undoubtedly potent, they are also a non-fighter, which is a great disadvantage. They use their powers to create barriers and maintain themselves, but never for fighting, making them an easy target for very powerful enemies. Still, they are tactical genius and highly perceptive, so they always ask for strong jujutsu sorcerers to protect them.

Tengen’s evolved might be a powerful fighter, but since we haven’t really seen it in the series, we cannot say anything about it.


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And while Toji could defeat Tengen in a fight, he couldn’t penetrate through their barriers

Is the conclusion clear? Well, not as much, as the two are polar opposites. Master Tengen has a lot of cursed energy and are amazing at creating barriers but have no fighting skills whatsoever; on the other hand, Toji has zero cursed energy and is a true beast when it comes to fighting, but he cannot do anything against powerful cursed energy.

So, in a fight against an evolved Master Tengen and Toji, we think we would have a clear draw. Toji could defeat and kill Master Tengen in a fight, but due to his lack of cursed energy and Tengen’s ability to create the strongest barriers in the jujutsu society, we think that Toji wouldn’t be able to penetrate them. On the other hand, Tengen would not be able to defeat Toji, just defend himself against him, so we have this one down as a draw.

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