Kaido vs. Yamato: Who Wins in a Fight Between Father and Son?

Kaido vs. Yamato: Who Wins in a Fight Between Father and Son?

We’ve already written numerous One Piece comparisons here on Fiction Horizon and the former Yonko Kaidou was featured in a lot of them, both because he was an exceptionally powerful villain and thus quite suitable for such comparison, and because he fought a lot of characters in the series so we had something to work with. As you might have suspected, Kaidou is going to be featured in this comparison as well, as we have decided to tell you who would win in a battle between Kaido and Yamato, his daughter-turned-son from One Piece.

And while Yamato is undoubtedly a powerful fighter with amazing swordsmanship skills, he is still not a match for his father, which is why Kaidou is the winner in this one. This was evidenced in their brief skirmish in Wano Country, where Kaidou was able to overpower Yamato, who was ultimately saved thanks to Luffy’s arrival along with Momonosuke.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Kaidou and Yamato in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, i.e., why Kaido was able to overpower Yamato during their clash. Thanks to the One Piece Wiki for the information about some of the powers and abilities.

Physical powers

Due to his muscle mass, Kaido has enormous physical strength. He managed to capsize nine giant prison ships. Kaido is powerful enough that his single scream caused visible damage to the area around him. One of Kaido’s main strengths is his inability to die; indeed, he suffered seven defeats, was captured by the Navy or enemies eighteen times, was tortured over a thousand times and finally, was sentenced to death forty times. However, no execution, whatever it was, worked.

Kaido also jumped 10,000 meters out of the sky to the ground, which created an explosion-like shockwave strong enough to sink a nearby ship, and only ended up with a headache; he is so strong that death has become a hobby to him. Kaido is as powerful as Charlotte Linlin, being able to fight on equal footing during their fight; like Shanks and Edward Newgate, Kaido and Big Mom were able to split the sky in half after just one hit. So far, no one has been able to stand up to Big Mom, which is highly indicative of Kaido’s power.

Oni Kaidou

Yamato was shown to have enormous physical strength, as he was able to knock Ulti out with a single blow from his mace when she was transformed. Due to his large size, he was able to easily pick up Luffy and grab him with just one arm while he was running. Yamato is quite fast, being able to dash forward with blinding speed to attack her targets, as well as escape from pursuing Beasts Pirates members.

Yamato also possesses great stamina, withstanding explosions and direct slashes without much trouble, ending up with only superficial bruises and cuts. As a child, Yamato was able to withstand the beatings her father gave her and managed to go without eating for a while.

Although Yamato is his father’s son, he is not as powerful as Kaidou. Kaidou is on such a level in terms of physical power that even Luffy had to, actually, unlock the true power of his Devil Fruit, which are completely ridiculous (in the best possible way), to counter Kaidou’s amazing strength.

Points: Kaidou 1, Yamato 0

Devil Fruit

Kaido ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into an oriental dragon, in the same way as Momonosuke, the main difference being that Kaido has a gigantic size in dragon form and appears to be in control of his transformations.

He cannot, however, maintain this appearance if he takes too many powerful blows to keep up like the ones Luffy gave him. He is also able to cause lightning by roaring loud enough. Kaido was also shown to be able to lift the entire island of Onigashima and seemed capable of moving it all the way to the Flower Capital.

Yamato ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, a Mythic Zoan-type Fruit that his father Kaido had collected, and he inadvertently ate it because she was hungry. This fruit allows her to transform into “Ōkuchi-no-Magami”, the deification of the Wolf of Honshū, an extinct subspecies of wolf living in Japan, considered protective of humans. This Fruit allows him to generate a destructive breath, and resembles a creature with fangs, a slender snout, and misty-looking hair.


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And while Yamato’s Devil Fruit does provide him with a significant power boost and makes him stronger than most regular characters, it is not nearly as powerful as Kaidou’s Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. Kaidou’s dragon is incredibly strong and that is why this point also goes to him.

Points: Kaidou 2, Yamato 0


Kaidou is one of the few people who can control all three types of Haki. Kaidou was shown to control Kenbunshoku Haki by sensing Kozuki Oden’s presence on Enma as it was used by Roronoa Zoro. She also used it to sense the voices of the supernovae following his and Big Mom’s combined attack which allowed her to state that they were still alive.

Kaidou’s control is such that, like Charlotte Katakuri or Luffy, she is able to use it in an advanced way and thus see the future. Kaidou possesses a high level of Busoshoku Haki, with Law stating that she could not directly move Kaidou into his room due to the Royal Haki being too strong. His Busoshoku Haki also allows him to have skin that is practically invulnerable to normal attacks.

Kaidou is one of the few people in the world capable of using Haoshoku Haki. Upon colliding with Charlotte Linlin using his Kanabō, they both generated the typical lightning discharge. Kaidou can use the advanced variant of Haoshoku Haki, imbuing his Kanabō with his will, which expels black bolts violently from its end and makes them extend towards his enemies.

Yamato is able to use all three forms of Haki, like his father, which is a very rare feat in the world of One Piece. Yamato possesses the Conqueror’s Haki, a very rare form of Haki. Yamato instinctively activated this Haki when she was a child, while running through Onigashima, accidentally knocking out many of his father’s subordinates. He will have mastered it by the time he becomes an adult, as he was seen imbuing his Kanabō with Conqueror’s Haki, which produces dark flashes while attacking Kaidou with the Raimei Hakke technique.

Yamato is also a highly skilled user of Armament Haki, imbuing his hand and Kanabō with it as he attacks Hatcha, causing a lightning-like effect. Yamato can use this Haki in its advanced stage, being able to throw it a great distance forward and strike distant opponents with tremendous force with a single Kanabō swing, which was enough to defeat Hatcha. Yamato can also use it to injure Logia users, such as in his first encounter with Ace, managing to injure him. Yamato is also able to use Observation Haki.

Yamato and Kaidou are both able to use all three forms of Haki, and while Kaidou definitely has more experience with them, we cannot simply disregard Yamato’s abilities in this aspect, which is why we have decided to share the points.

Points: Kaidou 3, Yamato 1


Kaidou wields Hassaikai, a giant metal Kanabō, covered in spikes and appropriate for his size. Along with his immense physical strength, he can use it to crush his opponents and send them great distances and was able to knock Luffy unconscious with a single blow, breaking the enormous defensive power of his enhanced Busoshoku Haki with his Gear Fourth form. With it, he was also able to block Charlotte Linlin’s attack with Napoleon, an extremely powerful sword. Kaidou executed Kozuki Oden with a double-barreled pistol, it is unknown what has become of this weapon today or if he still has it.

Yamato Infuses Haoshoku Haki

Like his father, Yamato possesses a Kanabō, which suits his height; in conjunction with her immense strength, she was able to use it to temporarily defeat Ulti. This Kanabō is named Takeru, With the strength of Yamato, it can be used to perform flying strikes which can even look like energy blasts. Yamato’s skills with his Kanabō are truly amazing, as has been shown when he was able to move around quickly while effortlessly countering all of Luffy’s attacks.

We have decided to share the points in this final category as well, mainly because Yamato has been taught by Kaidou and he had experience fighting the latter. Sure, Kaidou might be more skilled at this point, but Yamato is heading there and that effort deserves to be rewarded.

Points: Kaidou 4, Yamato 2

Kin’emon vs. Kaido: Who wins?

Now that we have written our analysis here, we can actually go over the fight as it happened in the story. Now, the fight between Kaidou and Yamato in Wano Country was quite short so we won’t be focusing on it exclusively, which is why we are gong to analyze the points as well after that, but let us first see what happened in the story.

Yamato quickly arrived on the roof of the Dome and shouted at Kaidou, who was standing outside the Dome. Kaidou told Yamato to call him “Father”, but the latter refused and expressed a desire to break the chains that held them together as well as go out to sea with Luffy after Kaido was defeated. Kaido stated that Luffy was dead and there was no way Yamato could beat him; Yamato recognized the latter, but still believed that Luffy would return and was therefore willing to hold Kaido back until then as the duo clashed.


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Early in the fight, Yamato appears in hybrid Zoan form and claims that he only ate the Devil Fruit because she was hungry, to which Kaido points out that he had trouble getting it. He then explains that his power represents the guardian of Wano and that he is disappointed that someone calling himself Oden ate it. He then notes that Yamato is going to have to lead Wano regardless, which he refuses to do.

Kaidou told his son that if he wanted to carry the name Oden, he had to be ready for war. As Yamato remembered the samurai who sacrificed themselves to keep him alive, Yamato asked Kaido why he took him away from him and Wano’s freedom, and Kaido replied that there was no simple answer to that then the two performed the Raimei Hakke technique at the same time and created a powerful Haoshoku Haki clash.

The clash shattered Yamato’s ice cover, avoiding any injuries. He then jumped up in the air and attacked Kaidou, knocking his head into the ground. As he stood up, he mocked his defense of Wano and reminded him that he would never escape his heritage and the samurai would never accept him; however, Yamato denied the claims.

When Kaidou added that he had always been alone, Yamato shouted that he had friends, but Kaidou retorted that everyone who showed her compassion was dead, like Ace, the cave samurai, and any pirate who fed him. Disheartened, Yamato let her guard down and Kaidou knocked him to the ground and began beating him, claiming that these friendships were fake and that he should rule others with fear of his power.

Straightening up, Yamato returned to normal and prepared to continue the fight with Kaidou. She then infused his Kanabō with Haoshoku Haki and hit Kaidou again. At the same time, Luffy rode an adult Momonosuke in his dragon form to the roof and punched Kaidou as well.

The combined attack sent Kaidou flying, while Yamato and Luffy greeted each other. Kaidou transformed into his dragon form and confronted the other dragon, which Yamato was surprised to hear was Momonosuke. As the fight continued, Yamato watched Luffy and Kaidou clash, their attacks splitting the skies, and Yamato watched in amazement.

As you can see, the clash actually revealed what the points revealed as well, although Kaidou did use psychological tricks to overpower his son. Still, ultimately, if the two of them had been given enough time, Kaidou would definitely have come out as the winner because he is stronger and because his Devil Fruit is much stronger, but also because he has much more experience in fighting than his son.

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