MHA: Does All-Might Have a Daughter? Theories Explained!

MHA: Does All-Might Have a Daughter? Theories Explained!

Toshinori Yagi, better known by his superhero name All-Might, is one of the most popular characters from the My Hero Academia manga and anime. He is the possessor of the One For All Quirk, making him one of the series’ most powerful and important characters. But, while his heroic feats and his skills have been well documented, his personal life is a mystery, and that is why, in this article, we are going to address the theories stating that All-Might might have a daughter.

All-Might does not, as far as we know, have a daughter. In fact, no romantic relationship of his has ever been shown or confirmed, so the likelihood of him being a parent is not that big. The manga may reveal some new information in the future, but as far as things stand now, he does not have a family of his own, which includes children. The theory that Melissa Shield is his daughter doesn’t make much sense since Melissa’s father, David Shield, is a known character in the series (her mother isn’t, but All-Might is not a woman, so this wouldn’t make any sense).

The rest of this article will address the theories that All-Might has a daughter. We are going to introduce the character and his feats to you, and we are then going to address the theories in question, confirming and elaborating why the things we’ve written above are true, i.e., why All-Might does not have a daughter in My Hero Academia. This article won’t contain too many spoilers, but if you’re not a hardcore fan of the series yet, there might be some new facts here as well, so we have a duty to warn you that some new facts might be revealed nevertheless.

All-Might does not have a child as far as we know, and it is definitely not Melissa Shield

As fans know, All-Might is the poster boy for the hero faction in My Hero Academia. He is not as popular as Deku, the protagonist, but when you think of a Pro Hero, All-Might is probably the first person that comes to mind.

And it makes complete sense, seeing how important he is. Now, All-Might is, as we have told, a hero, and his heroic deeds have been well documented throughout the series, which is known to fans. But what about his private life? His private life is a mystery in that aspect, which is why people have begun to speculate about it.

Now, before we actually address the elephant in the room, we will tell you just a bit about All-Might and his story.

All-Might is the Pro Hero, considered the world’s best hero and the embodiment of peace. His civilian name, Toshinori Yagi, was revealed in the manga only later.

In his hero role, he appears as a powerful and muscular man when, in reality, he is frail and sickly. His personality closely resembles the classic superhero stereotype. He is very friendly and outgoing and always saves people with a big smile, but he admits he feels the pressure of his Peace Symbol title. He passes his power to Midoriya after seeing the boy’s courage, thus naming him his successor.


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Over time, training together, the two will form a strong friendship, respecting each other and, especially in the case of Izuku, admiring each other. He also teaches “Fundamentals of Heroism” at Yuei High School, trying his best to enable Midoriya to follow in his footsteps. Due to the injuries sustained years ago during his last battle against his nemesis All For One, he could only use his powers for three hours a day; after passing One For All to Midoriya, this time decreases more and more as he continues to use the “remaining embers” (the passage of One For All is idealized with the metaphor of a torch whose flame is passed from person to person), exhausting them after the second fight with All For One and now being able to use the Quirk for a few miserable moments.

Only a few characters are aware of her true conditions and of her choice to have Midoriya made her successor: the nurse of the Yuei Recovery Girl, the principal of the Yuei Nezu, her old master Gran Torino (also a friend of the previous holder of the Quirk, Nana Shimura), the policeman friend Naomasa Tsukauchi, the late Sir Nighteye (a big fan of All Might as well as his former assistant) and Bakugo.

Now that we have gone over that part, we can summarize that there really is no mention of him ever having a romantic interest or a child. But, please read the following post from Reddit user LukeMonteiro:

“Melissa Shield is actually All Might’s quirkless kid.

They had the same physical genetics (big blond buff/thicc people with blue eyes and Caucasian AND NO QUIRK)

Melissa is American, as All Might spent a lot of time in the US before coming back to Japan. Time enough to have a secret child.

All Might is terrified of having a family, as shown in his conversation with Enji in Remedial Class Arc (he saw becoming the #1 Hero as a race he needed to run alone) and because of what happened to Nana.

If Melissa’s mother is dead (I DIDN’T SEE THE MOVIE) this could have been the catalyst for All Might leaving Melissa to his best friend.”

What’s your craziest most insane headcannon that you wish happens.

Now, this is just one such post, but this theory is very, very popular. We know that All-Might is very close to Melissa and her father, David Shield and that Melissa’s mother is dead, but not much has been revealed about her. In short, this theory actually claims that David Shield is Melissa’s adoptive father and that All-Might actually had a romance with her mother, but when she died (there are also several theories claiming that All-Might failed to prevent the death of Melissa’s mother and that it broke him, regardless of the connection between him and Melissa), he left her in David’s care, opting to lie her rather than to break her heart with the truth.

Sure, the close relationship they have with each other and some of the physical similarities could point to it, but we cannot confirm it at this moment. It is a solid theory, but it is, at this moment, just that – a theory. It involves a series of conspiracies, as Melissa’s story has been shown in the series, and while some of these facts can be interpreted differently, we don’t have a firm basis to do that just yet. This is why we don’t think, from this perspective, that it is true, but we also cannot completely rule it out. Still, most of these theories simply remain theories in the end.


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As far as other theories go, fans often speculate that All-Might has a secret child somewhere, but there is even less evidence for that. As far as the current canon is concerned, All-Might does not have a child and has no romantic interest in the series. We’ll simply have to wait and see whether that will change in the future.

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