Minecraft: Here’s Why Villagers Won’t Take Jobs

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As an NPC, a villager’s entire purpose is to eat, sleep, and breathe work unless they’re a nitwit, but sometimes it can happen that a villager won’t take a job. Part of it is that they are NPC, so they’re programmed for certain actions but not others you might put them in, but sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing how villagers and their mechanics work, so why won’t villagers take jobs in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • There are two main reasons why villagers won’t take jobs in Minecraft. One is that you might be trying to assign work to a nitwit, and another might be that they already have a profession and job.
  • It might also just be that they can’t get to their workstation to claim a job.

Villager jobs

Villagers can have a total of 13 professions. Each biome can have 16 types of villagers if we include unemployed villagers, nitwits, and baby villagers but the rest are all villagers with different professions. Their appearance will differ from biome to biome, but each villager with a profession has a distinct feature that separates them from the rest.

Villagers can take on any of the following professions:

  • Armorer
  • Butcher
  • Cartographer
  • Cleric
  • Farmer
  • Fisherman
  • Fletcher
  • Leatherworker
  • Librarian
  • Stone Mason
  • Shepherd
  • Toolsmith
  • Weaponsmith

Each of these 13 villagers has a corresponding job site block that will determine their profession. Some villagers can have professions already assigned to them when you first enter a village, but for others, you can employ them on your own accord and at your own will. I’ll list the corresponding job site blocks in the order how I listed the villagers:
Blast Furnace, Smoker, Cartography Table, Brewing Stand, Composter, Barrel, Fletching Table, Cauldron, Lectern, Stonecutter, Loom, Smithing Table, and Grindstone.

Whichever of the job site blocks you place near an unemployed villager; they will pathfind to the block and get a job. You’ll know they’ve taken on a job if green stars appear above their head. The only exceptions to this rule are Nitwits and babies. Baby villagers are easier to recognize, but once you know how a Nitwit looks, you won’t ever miss them again.


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A nitwit

Nitwits are villagers who wander aimlessly around a village and cannot get a job. They sleep longer than any other villager and won’t respond to bells when you ring them or when a villager alarms others during a pillager raid.

They appear different from other villagers because they always wear olive green robes. It’s worth noting that an unemployed villager will never become a nitwit. They must spawn, be born, or become this way if you cure a zombie villager. Baby villagers have a 10% chance of becoming nitwits when fully grown.

Apart from waking up later than every other villager, Nitwits also go to sleep about 2000 ticks after everyone else, so in case you can’t seem to recognize them by their appearance, this factor will help.

Villager professions explained

Some professions that villagers take on are self-explanatory but might not explain in detail what they can trade. Before getting into the nitty gritty of all their professions, it’s also worth pointing out that villagers can have trading levels. They advance a little bit every time you trade with them and can go from novice to apprentice, journeyman, expert, and master. I’ll also point out each specific thing they wear so you can recognize them more easily.

  • Farmers wear straw hats and trade crops and natural foods
  • Fishermen have fishermen’s hats and trade campfires and fishing items.
  • Shepherds have brown hats, wear white aprons, and trade anything related to wool, including paintings and dyes.
  • Fletchers wear hats with feathers and quivers and trade bows, crossbows, and arrows.
  • Clerics wear purple aprons and trade creeper cloaks. They trade magic items and enchanting and potion ingredients.
  • Weaponsmiths wear a black apron and an eyepatch. They trade minerals, bells, and enchanted melee weapons.
  • Armorers wear a welding mask. They trade chains, iron, and enchanted diamond armor.
  • Toolsmiths wear black aprons. They trade minerals, bells, and harvest tools. Axe enchantments are included.
  • Librarians wear eyeglasses and a book hat. They trade name tags, books, lanterns, books, quills, etc…
  • Cartographers wear golden monocles. They trade banners, compasses, banner patterns, and maps.
  • Leatherworkers wear brown aprons and gloves. They trade Scutes, rabbit hides, and everything related to leather.
  • Butchers wear red headbands and white aprons. They trade dried kelp, meat, and sweet berries.
  • Masons/Stone Masons wear black aprons and gloves. They trade polished stones, terracotta, glazed terracotta, quartz, etc…

How do villagers claim jobs?

For a villager to claim a job. They must be within 16 blocks of an unclaimed job site block. They will then pathfind to it, claim the jobs, and start working. You can then trade with them and level up their trades. Once you’ve found a good trade and abused it, you will have to let the villager restock and reset its trades because you’ve exhausted it. Villagers will restock twice daily since they go to work twice daily.

If a villager can’t reach their workstation, they won’t be able to restock. In the same way, if they can’t sleep, they won’t restock on their trades, but with beds, they don’t have to sleep. They only have to think they can and be near their claimed bed.

Another point is that if a villager can’t reach their job site block, they can become unemployed, and another villager can claim the job. The villager who lost their job will need a new job site block to start trading with you again.

Why won’t a villager change jobs?

Villagers can only trade jobs if you haven’t traded with them already. Once they’ve found their profession and you’ve traded, they will only ever claim a job site block related to their profession when and if they become unemployed.

A villager can reach their workstation even if they’re up to 8 blocks away. The block can be at foot level or placed nine blocks below them. They don’t have to see the job site block to work.


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Get the most out of your trades.

To get the most out of your trades, you best be good to your villagers because villagers can gossip. The player is always part of their tea material, and if you hit villagers, you’ll get pricier trades; if you cure a zombie villager, you’ll be rewarded with cheaper trades; and if you get the hero of the village, all trades will be offered at a much lower price.

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