Undead Unluck: The G-Liner Artifact Explained – Here’s What It Does!

Undead Unluck: The G-Liner Artifact Explained - Here's What It Does!

Undead Unluck, written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, is a manga series that has been ongoing since January 20, 2020; as of the time of writing, there are 18 volumes of the manga available. It is a supernatural adventure filled with ridiculous powers and abilities, humor, and some very interesting characters. We have talked mostly about these characters here, also about some important moments, and even the UMAs, but not about the Artifacts, which are likewise an important part of the lore. In this article, we are going to discuss the vitally important G-Liner Artifact, which is playing a central role in the current anime arc and is related to Anno Un.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The G-Liner is an Artifact in the world of Undead Unluck, and a very powerful one that is associated with Akira Kuno and the Unknown ability. In the current Loop, it is owned by Fuuko.
  • The G-Liner looks like a large pen, and it gives the owner insight into the past and future of a current Loop. But there is a catch.
  • The one who takes the G-Liner also gets the Unknown ability, which makes them completely invisible, as Sun does not want anyone to know the secret of the Loops.

The G-Liner is a powerful Artifact

In the lore of Undead Unluck, the Artifacts are common objects that hold great power, and they give the owner some special abilities, which can significantly vary. They were created by Luna as a way of confronting Sun’s tyrannical impositions on the humans during their game. They come in different shapes and sizes, and while they have been mostly in the background, they are exceptionally powerful objects and are essential in the Negators’ fight against Sun and his rigged game of Loops.

The G-Liner is one such Artifact created by Luna. It looks, basically, like a pen and it gives the owner a variety of supernatural powers. Here, you can check it out for yourselves:

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The most important power that the G-Liner gives is the ability to create magical drawings. It took Akira Kuno some time to discover how to use it, but he can draw something and then make that drawing become a reality. This is how Anno Un was created, as well as the To You, From Me manga. This ability is the only way of countering Unknown, as the drawings are not affected by the ability in question; this is how Akira was able to communicate with the outside world through Anno Un, as Anno Un became real.


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The second ability granted by the G-Liner is called “Loop Omniscience,” and it gives the owner of the G-Liner the ability to see the past and the future of a Loop, as well as to perceive Loops. Due to the danger of such knowledge, Sun attached the Unknown ability to the G-Liner in order to prevent the owner from actually sharing this knowledge with anyone else.

The G-Liner created Anno Un

Now that we have explained what the G-Liner is, let us talk about its narrative importance, which is related to the character of Akira Kuno.

Before turning into the well-known author he is today, Akira Kuno was just a regular boy. Due to his father’s illness, he lived alone with his mother. At one point, before he went to sleep, his kind and kind mother started reading comics to him. He discovered the G-Liner pen one day, which gave him omniscience. Later, when he went home to sketch something for his mother, he discovered that he had turned invisible, becoming the Negator known as Unknown.

He could only watch since no one else could see him, leading his concerned mother to believe that he had vanished. Though he thought no one would see the manga he wrote, To You, From Me, he entered it into a competition, and it was seen. He quickly established the persona of Anno Un, with whom he interacted in the actual world, after realizing that he could make anything he drew with the G-Liner appear real. When he learned that his mother, Anno Un, had also died, he decided to visit her. As a result, he was unable to communicate with her ever again, ending a tragic cycle that played a significant role in his narrative.

Akira was the owner of the G-Liner in the 100th Loop, but in the 101st Loop, he was prevented from ever coming into contact with it by Fuuko, who thus saved him from a tragedy. Fuuko is the current owner of the G-Liner.

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