Who Are the Seven Outcasts in The Witcher: Blood Origin?

who are the seven outcasts in witcher blood origin

Witcher universe already brought us a plethora of interesting characters, so when Witcher: Blood Origin was announced, we knew we were in for a true treat. While not much has been revealed about the series so far, we know that it serves as a prequel to the main series, taking place 1200 years before the events of Witcher seasons 1 and 2. This means that the series will follow the journey of a completely different cast of characters known as the seven outcasts. And while we did cover the individual members of the group in our previous posts, we haven’t properly introduced the group. Having said that, let’s see who are the seven outcasts in Netflix’s new series Witcher: Blood Origin. 

The seven outcasts are a group of 6 elves and one dwarf whose journey we will be following as the Witcher: Blood Origin series unfolds. The members of the seven outcasts group are Scían, Éile, Fjall Stoneheart, Syndril, Meldof, Zacaré, and Callan, aka Brother Death. 

Now that you know who exactly are seven outcasts, it’s time to analyze them in a bit more detail. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Seven outcasts form an unlikely alliance

The exact plot of the series is, for now, unknown. What we do know is that it is set during the events that directly led to the phenomenon called “Conjunction of Spheres.” and the creation of the first Witcher. The series will likewise introduce a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life that will form a group dubbed “seven outcasts.” Since the world was at that time inhabited by so-called elder races, the seven outcasts group is primarily composed of “elder races” – 6 elves and a single dwarf. The following are members of the group dubbed seven outcasts.

1. Éile “the Lark”


Éile was born and raised as a part of a Raven Clan. She was bred and trained for war, and as such, she was taken under the wing of Scían, that served as her sword mother. Even though Éile was always meant to be an elite warrior, Scían introduced her to music, and since that moment, Éile decided to replace the swords with strings. It’s understandable that Éile’s journey will put great emphasis on “finding one’s destiny” as she searches for who she really wants to be. She is one of the three main characters in the series and serves as the leader of seven outcasts. 

2. Scían


Scían was born and raised in a clan of wandering elves called the Ghost Clan. Scían’s clan was completely decimated by the rival Dog Clan because they refused to serve the king of Xin’trea. Scían was saved and taken in by the Raven Clan. This is where she met Éile and got the opportunity to serve as her sword mother. The two characters share a past, but at the beginning of the series, we will find Scían living as a hermit in a strange place called “Black Sands.” She will join the outcasts as one of the main characters in search of revenge and her ancestral blade called “Soulreaver.”


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3. Fjall Stoneheart

Fjall stoneheart

Fjall Stoneheart is likewise one of the three main characters. He belongs to a clan that rival’s both Éile’s and Scían’s clans – Dog Clan. Dog Clan members are proud protectors of the King of Xin’trea, but Fjall feels out of place. Something happened on the battlefield that resulted in his brother’s death. This is a wound that he will not be able to recover from easily, and it will lead to him being exiled from his clan. Fjall forms an unlikely alliance with Éile and Scían, although we are not exactly at the moment sure why. 

4. Syndril


We’re not at the moment sure to which clan Syndril belongs, but we do know that he is an elven sage born during a celestial event at the same time and in the same village as Zacaré. This makes them celestial twins. They are connected by magical bonds and share powers. Syndril is said to be an adventurous character, and he will eventually manage to travel between the worlds. It is not known at the moment why he joined the group. 

5. Zacaré

Who Is Zacare in the Witcher Blood Origin Meet Lizzie Anniss Character

 Zacaré is the second celestial twin. Like Syndril, she is gifted with elven magic (not to be confused with chaos magic that didn’t exist before the Conjunction of Spheres). Something happened in the past that separated her and Syndril, but the two will get the chance to reconnect as a part of the group. Her clan and motivations for why she joined the group are for now unknown. 

6. Meldof the Mad

Who Is Meldof in the Witcher Blood Origin Meet Francesca Millss Character

Meldof is the only dwarf in the group. And while the character is so far a mysterious one, we know that she is an assassin and wields a two-handed warhammer she named Gwen. She is known to be chaotic and unpredictable. It is not known what happened in her history that she is considered an outcast or why she joined the group in the first place. 

7. Callan aka Brother Death 

Who Is Brother Death in the Witcher Blood Origin Meet Huw Novellis Character

Last but not least, in the group of seven outcasts is Callan, also going by the name of Brother Death. He is an outlaw and an enigmatic elf with a supposedly troubled past. We don’t know yet why he has the nickname Brother Death, but he can be seen dual-wielding a pair of cleavers. His clan and why he joined the group are as of yet unknown. 


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And that’s about it, every member of the “seven outcasts.” A large part of their individual stories are unknown so far, but we are positive all will be revealed in time, including how the group came together and how exactly they are connected to the cataclysmic events that will be taking place during the golden age of elven civilization. We’re going to have to wait to get our answers until December 25th, when Witcher: Blood Origin is scheduled to be released on Netflix. 

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