Who Is Brother Death in The Witcher: Blood Origin? Meet Huw Novelli’s Character

Who Is Brother Death in the Witcher Blood Origin Meet Huw Novellis Character

In a couple of weeks, Witcher: Blood Origin is releasing on Netflix, and while we don’t know the exact details of the plot, we do know that the series will take place 1200 years before the events of the Witcher series. This means that we’re going to be introduced to a plethora of new and exciting characters. One such character veiled in mystery so far is Callan, aka Brother Death, played by Huw Novelli. We don’t have much to go on at the moment but see in a bit more detail what exactly is the role of Brother Death in Witcher: Blood Origin?

Callan also going by the name “Brother Death,” is an elven outlaw and a part of the seven outcasts. It is unclear how and why he joined the rest of the group, as his backstory so far remains a complete mystery. The only information available to us at the moment paints Brother Death in a rather sinister light due to his nickname and the fact that he dual-wields a set of cleavers. Brother Death is portrayed by Huw Novelli, most famous for his roles in The Snow Spider and The Capture.

Now that we’ve shed some more light on Brother Death, it’s time no analyze his character in a bit more depth and put him in an appropriate historical context. If you’re interested in more detail, stay with us and keep reading!

Who Is Brother Death in the Witcher: Blood Origin

The story of Witcher: Blood Origin is, for the most part, so far a mystery. We know that the show will serve as a prequel to the Witcher series, set 1200 years before the events. And we know that a great emphasis will be put on the events that led to the “Conjunction of Spheres,” a phenomenon that caused several planes of existence to merge. This was as well the event that brought humans to the Continent

Since there were no humans on the Continent prior to the Conjunction of Spheres, it’s safe to say that the main cast of characters will be composed of elves and other characters belonging to “elder races,” such as dwarven assassin Meldof

The series itself will give us a greater insight into the period of time when elves ruled the Continent and a greater insight into how their civilization looked like. 


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We know that they were divided into clans and several major city-states. One such city-state was Xin’trea, from where another major character Princess Merwyn hails. But speaking of clans, there’s little to talk about. We know that our main three characters are a part of their respective clans Scían from the Ghost ClanÉile from the Raven Clan, and Fjall Stoneheart from the Dog Clan

Those clans were often times in conflict with one another, which led to all-out warfare between the clans and several city-states. Elves had an amicable relationship with other elder races, but the same couldn’t be said for the members of their own race. 

Even though primarily oriented toward unity with nature and peaceful co-existence, there were certain groups of outlaws between the elven kin, and this leads us to the most mysterious character introduced so far Callan, aka Brother Death, played by Huw Novelli. 

Brother Death is an elven outlaw and a member of the group of seven outcasts. We don’t know into which clan he was born, but we may assume that this holds little importance to him. He is shown dual-wielding two sharp cleavers, and his current occupation as an outlaw is an indicator of his character’s loyalties. We don’t know why and how he joins the group and what his overall motivations are, except that he values a good story and is possibly looking for a way to make a name for himself as part of some legendary story that bards will be singing about for the next thousands of years to come. 

Brother death

It is possible that his journey will be a story about redemption, or he will turn out to be a traitor in the mids. As we said, he was presented as an enigmatic character, and we really don’t have much to go on as far as characterization is concerned. 

Who is Huw Novelli, the actor behind Callan, aka Brother Death?

Callan is on screen portrayed by Huw Novelli, a young British actor from London. Huw so far has risen to prominence with his roles in The Snow Spider, released in 2020, and The Capture, released in 2019. Witcher: Blood Origin seems like his biggest role so far and is certainly a start of a very promising career for the young actor. Other personal details regarding Huw are so far undisclosed, and there’s very little to go of regarding his personality and other information. 


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We’ve been introduced to many characters so far that will take part in Witcher: Blood Origin but the character Call, aka Brother Death, remains a mystery. We know that he is an elven outlaw proficient in combat using his dual cleavers, but that’s pretty much it. We don’t know why and how he decided to join the group of outcasts, but we can assume that he is either looking for glory, riches, or redemption.

His macabre nickname reveals that he took part in something truly dark in the past, and it might be connected to something in the main story. To shed some light on Callan’s character, we’re going to have to wait until December 25th when Witcher: Blood Origin arrives on Netflix.

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