Who Is Meowy in Chainsaw Man & What Breed is She?

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The Chainsaw Man saga features a massive spread of awesome protagonists for fans to admire, but Meowy has managed to capture the hearts of Chainsaw Man fans worldwide as well as the infamous Blood Devil, Power. That being said, fans still have tons of questions about Meowy, such as who she is in Chainsaw Man as well as what breed she is.

Meowy is Power’s cat in Chainsaw Man, being Power’s companion and only known weakness, and she was placed in Denji’s care following Power’s death. Meowy’s breed is unknown as she appeared to be a stray, but fans speculate she may be a Magpie (Bicolor) Domestic Shorthair mixed with a Turkish Van or Ragdoll – or, potentially multiple cat breeds due to cross-breeding.

Although Meowy’s exact breed is still unclear, it’s pretty certain that she’s had a strong influence on the most well-loved Chainsaw Man characters as well as the overall storyline. Stick around to find out more about Meowy in Chainsaw Man, including her background and origins as well as her theorized cat breed.

Who is Meowy in Chainsaw Man?

Meowy is a bouncy and friendly feline in Chainsaw Man, initially referred to as “Nyāko” in Japanese, which is a cute slang phrase for “Neko” which translates to “cat” in English. Meowy is characterized by golden-amber eyes, black ears, and a single black patch on the top of her head between her eyes (although, these areas are depicted as brown within the Chainsaw Man anime series).

power meowy

While there is still some debate regarding Meowy’s gender, the majority of Chainsaw Man fans believe that Meowy is female. Meowy made a debut back in chapter 7 of the Chainsaw Man manga and episode 3 of the Chainsaw Man anime series.

Meowy Background & Origins

She is introduced in one of Power’s flashbacks, which shows that Power wasn’t fond of Meowy at all in the beginning – in fact, Power only brought her in with the intention of fattening her up before eating her. Although, after Meowy continuously showed care and gratitude towards Power, fans got a glimpse into Power’s softer side, and she became forever bonded with her new feline companion.


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They had been together for a fairly long time before Meowy was captured and held hostage by the Bat Devil, who promised to return Meowy if Power brought him a human. Power convinced Denji to help her get Meowy back, as seen below thanks to Crunchyroll, but she didn’t specify the terms of Power and the Bat Devil’s agreement.

As a result, Denji ended up being knocked out by Power and given to the Bat Devil as food. However, the Bat Devil chose to not eat Denji due to him having ‘disgusting blood’, prompting the Bat Devil to eat Meowy and Power – as seen below thanks to Artex Studios.


This is where we get to see the flashback showing Meowy and Power’s history, explaining why Meowy meant so much to her. Meowy had a huge impact on Power as an individual, as shown when Power begins caring for random stray cats after developing an attachment to Meowy.

Meowy not only provided a sense of sanity and comfort for Power, but she also proved to be Power’s one and only weakness – summarized below thanks to Anime Monster.

While the ending scene of the Bat Devil consuming both Meowy and Power may be startling to see, fans will be happy to know that this wasn’t actually the end of Meowy. She continued to live despite these events taking place, as the Bat Devil was ultimately defeated, and Meowy continued to have many more adventures alongside Power and Denji.

Meowy actually began growing increasingly fond of Denji in the International Assassins arc, often sleeping beside him instead of Power – which Power found quite offensive and annoying. Meowy and Power were later attacked within the Gun Devil arc, but the two managed to escape safely due to Denji’s protection.

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Following the death of Power in the Control Devil arc, Meowy’s close relationship with Denji seemed to prove advantageous for the new living arrangement. Meowy is currently safe and sound, continuing a relatively happy life in Denji’s care – although, it’s clear that Power will always hold a special place in Meowy’s heart.

What Breed is Meowy in Chainsaw Man?

Considering that Meowy appears to have originally been a lost or stray cat, many Chainsaw Man fans have presumed she is likely a mixed breed – meaning it’s far more challenging to pin down an exact cat breed. The single spot on Meowy’s head is also quite unique, somewhat resembling the classic Tabby “M” mark – but, it’s still too different to be classified as such.


However, based on her coat patterns, some fans have theorized that Meowy could be a Magpie, which is a term used to describe any cat with white fur and black or brown markings. Magpie cats are also considered “bicolor” (specifically black and white or white and brown) in some cases as well. That being said, these descriptions generally only refer to classifying a cat’s coat pattern. It does not reflect the breed of the cat at all, as various cat breeds could fall within the same coat pattern classes.


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She is scrawny and frail when first introduced, but she appears to be relatively fluffy and plump once she regains her strength – which can be used to identify possible cat breeds as well. It’s still more likely that Meowy is a mix between a common cat breed, such as a Domestic Shorthair or a similar breed, and other unknown breeds, with the highest candidates detailed below topped with images thanks to Petful.

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a fun-loving cat, characterized by its unique love of water. They have luscious, semi-long coats that repel both dirt and water, and they can have amber, blue, or even odd-colored eyes.

turkish van

Since Meowy hasn’t gotten much on-screen time, we haven’t been able to see much of her personality in order to line it up with the Turkish Van. But, the overall fur aesthetic and Meowy’s golden-amber eyes could make her a potential descendant of a Turkish Van.


Ragdoll cats are absolutely adorable, with large rounded eyes and fluffy fur coats. These cats a pretty large, characterized by bright blue eyes and soft fur that generally appears in three color variations – colorpoint apart from white, bicolor, and mitted.

The main similarity here, apart from having somewhat fluffy fur, is that Meowy has a puffy type of face compared to many other cat breeds. Meowy may not have blue eyes, but the facial shape has led a few fans to believe she could be related to a Ragdoll – or, at least have some Ragdoll ancestry.

In all likelihood, Meowy is not a direct representation of any real-world cat breed – she is an anime cat after all! But, based on Meowy’s coat color, markings, eye color, fur characteristics, and coat length, it can be speculated that Meowy could be a mix between a common breed and an unknown breed such as a Turkish Van or Ragdoll – or, multiple breeds due to stray cats often cross-breeding.

Being a fictional cat opens a world of possibilities, where character and importance matter far more than fitting a specific cat breed in real life. Meowy’s breed remains a mystery to this day, but it hasn’t stopped feline fanatics from admiring Power’s fluffy and seemingly immortal companion. Although Power didn’t manage to survive the Chainsaw Man storyline, fans can rest easy knowing that Meowy still has a safe and cozy place to call home.

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