40 Best Anime Characters That Start with a C [with Images]

Anime Characters That Start with a C: All 40 Names

Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter C. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nicknames.

C.C. (Code Geass)


Despite her important and essential place in history, we don’t know much about this C.C., except that she has a direct connection to the British military, and that Clovis was responsible for the research carried out on her. On the day of her meeting with Lelouch, she makes a pact with him and stays close to him to monitor their actions. She also saves Zero on several occasions.

Canary (Hunter×Hunter)


Canary is the Zoldyck family’s apprentice butler. Anyone who attempted to relinquish her position on the property will be forcibly removed. Canary is very loyal to the Zoldyck family. She was initially presented as a ruthless guardian who doesn’t hesitate to attack intruders, but as Gon noted, she isn’t as heartless as she claims, etc., although she tries to deny it.


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Cappy (Hamtaro)


He is shy and hesitant, always looking for something new to put on his head. He’s willing to try on anything, but sauce lids are his favorite hats. Its owners are Sue and Kip.

Carole Stanley (Carole and Tuesday)

Carole Stanley

Carole Stanley is an outgoing orphan trying to survive in Alba City by taking on several part-time (short-term) jobs while pursuing her dream of becoming a musician. Her official Instagram is “Carole Stanley Official”. Overall, Carole is kind, welcoming, and patient which has gone a long way in bonding with Tuesday. Carole doesn’t seem to have many friends, if any (other than Tuesday), which is a bit odd considering her bright and outgoing personality.

Catbus (Tonari no Totoro)


The Catbus embodies in the form of a cat a bus with which the Totoros travel. More of his kind can be seen in the short film Mei and the Catbus. He has the head of a cat (with a huge grin). He has ten legs ready to run. At the bus’ end is a cat’s tail to further accentuate his feline looks.

Catnipp, Candice (Bleach)

555Candice27s Vollstandig appears

Candice Catnipp is the Sternritter with the designation “T”. Candice is a tall, curvy girl with long green hair. Her clothing consists of the typical double-breasted jacket, which Candice wears unbuttoned and tied under the breast, leaving the diaphragm visible, and a pair of shorts with a black belt on which there is a heart-shaped buckle on one side. She also wears a white cap, with a black peak and the insignia of the Vandenreich on her forehead, a pair of ankle-high shoes, and gloves that cover her arms.


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Cell (Dragon Ball Z)

Dragon Ball Z Three Forms Of Cell Featured Image

Cell’s story begins after his maturation in the future when Trunks has defeated the two cyborgs Cyborg 17 and Cyborg 18. Since he could only achieve perfection with these two models from Doctor Gero’s production, he was faced with a problem that he could not solve. However, Trunks’ time travel pod offered him the opportunity to travel back in time, where Android 17 and Android 18 still existed.

Cerberus (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Keroberos3B False Form

He is the solar guardian of the Clow cards. Over the course of the series, he helps Sakura capture the cards, as well as gives her advice regarding magic. His initial appearance is that of a teddy bear, but it is later revealed that his true form is that of some kind of winged cat.

Champa (Dragon Ball Super)


Unlike Beerus, Champa has a more ordinary, friendly, and careless attitude. Champa, like his brother, is very easy to make angry, but Champa proves to be more so to such a degree that even Whis himself confirms it, he seems to be like him but with more disadvantages, since his love for food and sleeping is much more than Beerus for these things.


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Chang, Mei (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist 25 Large 09

Mei Chang comes from Xing and is accompanied by Xiao Mei, a female panda, who has never been able to grow and has remained miniature, who seems to copy her every move. Just like Lin Yao, she is one of the heirs of the Emperor of Xing (the seventeenth crown princess exactly). When she arrives in the town of Youswell, it is Kayal finds her exhausted.

Charlotte Cracker (One Piece)

Charlotte Cracker Portrait

Charlotte Cracker is the tenth son of Big Mom and the Minister of Biscuits. Quite a violent, impulsive, and ruthless man, he has a small and handsome physique, although he presents himself more often with his enormous and square aspect than him, conferred on him by the power of his devil fruit. Cracker has in fact ingested the Bisco-Bisco fruit, which allows him to generate cookies in unlimited quantities and use them at will.

Cheadle Yorkshire (Hunter×Hunter)

Cheadle Yorkshire HCE Portrait

As president of the Hunters’ Association, Cheadle has extensive authority over his subordinates, political influence, and access to even the most secret information. Her combat abilities and Nen abilities are yet to be revealed, but since she is part of the Zodiacs and a Triple Star Slayer, she must be a powerful and most likely powerful Nen user.


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Chef Ham (Hamtaro)


Chef Ham is a chef that visited the Ham-Hams. Chef Ham has traveled the world cooking hamsters. When he came back from his travels, he was supposed to make a feast for his kids, but he was afraid to cook for them.

Chelsea (Akame ga Kill!)


Chelsea worked under a cruel viceroy who made a sport of hunting people. Under this oppression, she began to become nihilistic until she found the Gaea Foundation, which had been put into storage because no suitable owner could be found.

Cherubimon (Digimon Frontier)

episode image 400x225 1

Cherubimon is a mega-level angel Digimon whose original name Cherubimon and whose physical appearance derives from the mythological angel Cherub (Cherub). Unlike Seraphimon and Ophanimon, Cherubimon has the appearance of an animal Digimon with a white and pink body. There are two sacred rings around his ears. He has the ability to use powerful techniques related to electricity, which are said to act as divine punishment.

Chiaotzu (Dragon Ball)


Chaozu is a small white man with red cheeks. He is very good friends along with Ten Shin Han. Chaozu is not a strong character but does what he can during the fights. He has telepathic powers. He sacrifices himself to defeat Nappa, but fails. He and Ten Shin Han have known Son Goku since childhood. He trained with Ten Shin Han, Yamcha, and Piccolo with King Kai after their death in the Saiyan saga.

Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)

Chi Chi en un almuerzo

Chichi is the daughter of the Ox-King, Son Goku’s wife, and the mother of Son Gohan and Son Goten. Son Goku promised to marry her when she was a child, assuming it was something to eat. Years later, she meets Son Goku at a tournament and confronts him, after which the two get married.

Chibiusa (Sailor Moon)


Chibiusa, or Sailor Chibi Moon, is a character that appears in Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga, and in the other television and theater versions of the same work. This character is first introduced in the second story arc of the original manga (known by the name “Black Moon arc”), as well as in the second season of the 90s anime series Sailor Moon R. and in season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal.


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Chihiro (Spirited Away)


Chihiro Ogino involuntarily enters the magic land with her parents, where her parents are turned into pigs and she is robbed of her name. At first, she is moody, childish, and skittish. During her stay in the magic world, she surpasses herself and is able to solve her problems. She evolves from a tearful pessimist to a responsible optimist who cares for and protects those around her.

Chisaki Kai / Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

Overhaul advises the League of Villains to join him

Chisaki has proven to be a very powerful enemy. Although he does not have great physical prowess he is very skilled in close combat with the use of his Quirk. In the past, he defeated Kendo Rappa, who is noted for his superhuman physical strength, in a single attack and also defeated him five other times. Kendo himself stated that Chisaki is the strongest of the Shie Hassaikai, this was proven when it took the efforts of Mirio, Sir Nighteye, and Izuku Midoriya (with Eri’s help) to defeat him.

Chiyo (Naruto)


In the past, we know that her great mastery of the art of puppets allowed her to take a fortress alone, that she was already brought to fight ninjas of the Clan Uchiha, and Hanzô, the former leader of Soul, whose she managed to unlock the secrets of her salamander’s poison thanks to her incredible knowledge of the matter. She also participated in the Second Great Ninja War during which she developed many poisons.

Chiyo Shuzenji (My Hero Academia)

Izuku at Recovery Girl27s Nurse27s Office

The school nurse, is an elderly lady renowned as a Recovery Girl. Her Healing Quirk allows her to indescribably accelerate people’s regenerating factor through a kiss, albeit with a considerable effort of energy on their part (an effort which, in the case of extremely serious damage, could even prove lethal).

Chizuru Honshō (Bleach)

Chizuru Honsho

Chizuru Honshō is a student at Karakura High School and she is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki. She is a proud lesbian who seems happy almost all the time. Her name is listed as the 31st Student in Academic Achievement. Chizuru is a lesbian who does not hide her sexual orientation and, on every minimal occasion, she takes the opportunity to kiss Orihime Inoue, compliment her, and stroke her breasts.

Chōsō (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Choso EP24

Choso is an S-class Cursed Spirit. He not only possesses massive amounts of Cursed energy, but also one of the most powerful and balanced spells in existence. He has enough affinity with his spell to create new techniques and refine the ones he already has. Despite being an inexperienced fighter, Choso fought and won against Yuji and Naoya, two strong and experienced fighters, cementing his position as a mighty scourge.

Chopper, Tony Tony (One Piece)

Tony.Tony .Chopper.full .212539

Chopper is a male reindeer who ate the Human-Human Fruit, becoming a human reindeer. He’s the ship’s doctor for the Straw Hats. His current bounty is 100 berries as he was only considered a pet by the Navy. He hails from the island of Drumm, now Sakura, making him the only member of the Straw Hats who was born on the Grand Line.

Chronostasis (My Hero Academia)


Overhaul’s right-hand man (as well as his childhood friend) and a member of the Shie Hassaikai. Like Chisaki, he too is known by the name of his Quirk, Chronostasis, which gives him hair in the shape of watch hands, sharp and that he can stretch in a straight line, but only when stopped; anyone who is cut or just hurt by his hands will have his movements slowed down for a certain period of time.


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Chumley Huffington (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)


The “koala lover” among Jaden’s group of friends, his favorite things are melted cheese and koalas. His Deck is made up entirely of koalas, although Syrus later gives him a “Des Kanguro” monster and thus he manages to have an Australian deck, where the most powerful card is “Master of Oz”, which was a gift from Jaden.

Chūya Nakahara (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Chuya 2815 years old29

He is an executive of the Port Mafia and a former partner of Dazai. His ability is called For the Tainter Sorrow, which allows him to manipulate gravity, as well as the force of objects he enters with. in contact. Hot-tempered but quite gullible, he always falls for Dazai’s tricks and tricks. He claims to hate Dazai for leaving the Port Mafia, even though in the past the two of them were known as the Double Black couple after taking down an entire organization in one night.

Claire Voyance (My Hero Academia)

claire voyance mha

Clair Voyance is a curvaceous woman with bright blue eyes, a visor with two large blue tinted lenses, and straight blonde hair with a brown patch at the base. She wears a figure-hugging royal blue suit with a large opening in the chest area occupied by a high-necked white shirt. The suit has a dark magenta zipper down the middle and both short sleeves have the WHA logo on them. She also wears thigh-high black boots with the same dark magenta line snaking down the legs, and a brown holster with her pulse weapon attached to her right thigh.

Clare (Claymore)

claymore 8ен2

Claire is the protagonist of Claymore. She lost her entire family as a child at the hands of a Yoma, who decided to take her with him on his wanderings as a cover; continually threatened and beaten by the monster, Claire lost the ability to speak, and only Teresa’s intervention saved her from the nightmare of violence into which she had fallen.

Coffee (Cowboy Bebop)


Coffee was a bounty hunter. On Io, Coffee followed a bounty head, Domino Walker, and started visiting a few places to learn about him. At a stop, a truckload of watermelons, she bought a melon to entice the shopkeeper to help her later. Unbeknownst to her, Edward and Ein, who were drooling over melons at the time, had slipped into the trunk of their car.

King Cold (Dragon Ball Z)

king kold 1203965

Although he was of the opinion that his family was the strongest in the entire universe, he knew that there were certain creatures that could become dangerous even for him and his family or even kill them. So he warned his son Freeza never to mess with the demon Buu or Beerus the god of destruction.

Connell, Bisca (Fairy Tail)


Bisca Connel is an immigrant from the west. A pistolera, her magic, allows her to fight by arming herself with any firearm (she takes them to another dimension). It’s the same principle as Erza’s magic. She loves Arzak but doesn’t dare tell him. When she tried to talk to Erza about it, Erza yelled at her that she was a coward.

Cooler (Dragon Ball Z)

Cooler Newshot

Cooler is able to perceive Ki, without resorting to the Scouter, and he also seems to be able to hide his ki. He is also one of the few bad guys who can use teleportation. He also has the ability to survive in empty space, like Freeza and the other members of his race, he has the ability to survive even fatal wounds, the remains of his body are repaired with the technology of Big Gete Star, becoming an Android.

Father Cornello (Fullmetal Alchemist)


He is the religious leader of the city of Lior, located in the east of the country. He pretends to be the envoy of the sun god Leto. Founder of Letoism (even Leto), he will quickly have many followers because he performs “miracles”. It is in fact alchemy, as the Elric brothers will quickly see, but a problem intrigues them all the same because Father Cornello does not respect the chief principle of alchemy, the principle of equivalent exchange.

Crocodile (One Piece)


Sir Crocodile, formerly known as Mr. 0, is a pirate and the former boss of the Baroque Works broken up by the Straw Hat Gang. He ate the Sand fruit, a logia-type fruit that allows him to turn himself into the sand, trigger sandstorms, or cause quicksand. In addition, it is able to extract and dry out water from all organic materials and living beings.

Crona (Soul Eater)


Crona is a very naive and submissive person, constantly annoyed by Ragnarok, who likes to play rather heavy pranks on him. Crona does not like to fight (she is often unable to overcome any obstacles that come her way), but Medusa usually puts a spell into Crona’s mind that increases her aggressiveness. Crona’s blood has been completely replaced with ‘black blood’, which protects him from physical damage and provides some degree of healing. Ragnarok, originally a normal weapon, was fused within black blood prior to transfusion, causing its symbiotic nature.

Crusadermon (Digimon Frontier)


Crusadermon is a mega-level warrior Digimon. The physical appearance of Crusadermon consists of a pink / fuchsia armor with golden inserts on the belly, wrists, elbows, and knees that completely wrap his slender and agile body. On his helmet, very similar to the one worn once by the Crusader knights, there are two small golden wings, while on his shoulders there are golden extensions that, if necessary, can take on a solid shape and turn into extremely sharp blades.

Curtis, Izumi (Fullmetal Alchemist)

will izumi curtis die in Fullmetal alchemist article

Izumi teaches alchemy to the Elric brothers; she also attempted a human transmutation on her stillborn child and thereby opened the door and saw the Truth. This transmutation caused her to lose internal organs as a pledge and as a result, she became sterile and regularly spits blood from her mouth. She has a great mastery of martial arts and alchemy. She can also, due to the fact that she has seen the door of Truth, practice alchemy without a circle. Her husband is Sig Curtis.


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Curtis, Sig (Fullmetal Alchemist)


He is the husband of Izumi Curtis and runs a butcher shop in the city of Dublith. Despite his gruff, even frightening appearance (the children are afraid of him), he is a nice person, unless someone takes it out on his wife. Much like his wife, he expresses a deep affection for Ed and Al whom he calls “the little ones” and a deep dislike for the military. Nevertheless, he will befriend Commander Armstrong at the mere sight of his muscles.