45 Best Anime Characters That Start with an H [with Images]

45 Best Anime Characters That Start with an H [with Images]

Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter H. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nicknames.

Hado, Nejire (My Hero Academia)

Nejire talking enthusiastically about Mirio27s Quirk.

Third-year student and one of the three strongest students in the school (the Big 3); she took Ochaco and Tsuyu under her protection during the internships, taking them with her to Pro Hero Ryukyu, of which Nejire is her assistant. As a hero alias she simply goes by the name of Nejire-chan.

Haibara, Ai (Case Closed)


Her real name is Shiho Miyano, her code name is Sherry. She engineered the poison, APTX 4869, which Conan swallowed. When her sister Akemi Miyano died, she refused to continue her research and was imprisoned. She manages to escape by taking the poison and takes refuge with Professor Agasa, taking, with his help, the pseudonym of Ai Haibara. The organization was her only family with her sister, indeed, her parents died when she was little. Ai Haibara grew up in the United States with her sister.

Hamtaro (Hamtaro)


He is the cute little hamster of Laura Haruna, a 10-year-old girl. Hamtaro dreams of becoming his secret savior. Its fur is white and orange. He became the hero of the Ham-Hams thanks to his courage and adventurous spirit. He is also the object of the affection of the beautiful Bijou, but he does not often seem to notice it.

Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)


A special degree Curse born of humanity’s fear of forests. He believes humans have gone too long in ruining Earth’s environment, and he wants to allow the planet to shine again without human cruelty. His cursed power allows him to create plants that he can manipulate. Hanami is also able to steal life energy from plants and store it in the flower on her left shoulder. During the Shibuya incident, he is killed by Gojo.

Hanatarō Yamada (Bleach)

hanataro yamada by solgravionmegazord dby48wn fullview

Hanatarō Yamada is hierarchically the seventh shinigami in his division. He befriended Rukia when he was cleaning her cell and will help Ichigo save her. He believes himself to be very weak but is brave enough to go and confront Captain Kuchiki in order to allow Rukia to escape. He will be put in the cell for helping Ichigo but Rikichi will secretly take him out to treat Renji. He is very often the target of bad pranks and the scapegoat of the members of the 11th division.

Hancock, Boa (One Piece)

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is the ruler of Amazon Lily, the captain of the Kuja Pirates and is considered the second most beautiful woman in the world after the mermaid princess. Also known as the “Pirate Empress” and “Snake Princess,” she has the power to turn anyone who falls for her beauty into stone. Hancock has two other sisters, Marigold and Sandersonia.


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Hannah Annafellows (Black Butler)

Hannah Anafeloz kuroshitsuji ii 19960511 1280 720 1

Hannah is the maid of the Trancy household and also a demon who even houses the demon sword Laevateinn. She is very loyal to Alois Trancy, but is physically and mentally abused by him. But she seems to be tacitly accepting this, which was nothing unusual at the time. However, towards the end of the anime, one learns that she had a contract with Alois Trancy’s “brother” Luka a long time ago, since he wished for Alois that his dream of the mass deaths of the villagers surrounding them would come true.

Harribel, Tier (Bleach)


Tier Harribel is the Third Espada and the only female among the Espada. She represents sacrifice, a concept that is part of the integrity and way of fighting of Harribel herself. Her personality is serious and restrained, she rarely speaks. She can perform energy attacks through the hole in the center of her sword called the Ola Azul. Her zanpakutō is named Tiburón.

She is capable of using large amounts of water as a weapon, as well as turning ice back into a liquid state with her Hirviendo ability. She is capable of launching a large stream of water at her enemy called Cascada and launching water projectiles which she calls La Gota.

Haruno, Sakura (Naruto)

10 Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno, whose current name is Sakura Uchiha, is a Jōnin from Konohagakure, she was a female member of Team 7. Kishimoto created her as the heroine of the series, although she admitted that little perception of what an ideal heroine should be.


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Haschwalth, Jugram (Bleach)

Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth is the Sternritter with the designation B the right hand of Yhwach. He is respected by most Quincys and is considered by many to be Yhwachs’s successor. Bazz-B calls him “Jugo”. Haschwalth broke Ichigo’s bankai during the invasion.

Hashibara, Inosuke (Demon Slayer)

Inosuke Hashibara 1200x675 1

Inosuke is an extremely short-tempered and proud young man who considers himself the strongest fighter ever. He constantly challenges people he meets and wants them to admire and recognize him for his abilities. This often puts him in dangerous situations because he overestimates himself and tries to fight strong opponents even though he has no chance.

Hashirama Senju (Naruto)

Hokage Hashirama

Hashirama is undoubtedly the strongest Kage that ever was. He was an amazing shinobi, an unmatched warrior in both power and skill, but he was also an excellent diplomat that managed to convince the warring clans to create their villages and consolidate their powers. He was likewise humble and did not even want to be Hokage, but was chosen by the people to lead them.

Hattori, Heiji (Detective Conan)

20131117033303Heiji Hattori Profile

Heiji Hattori is a high school detective from the Kansai region, specifically Osaka. Facing Shinichi, he is known as the Great Detective of the West, Shinichi of the East. His father is Osaka Police Chief Heizo Hattori. Heiji is one of the few who knows Shinichi Kudo’s secret. In this way, he tries to help him as best he can to protect his anonymity, although sometimes it is he who has put him in danger.

Havoc, Jean (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Second Lieutenant Havoc is, at first glance, an ordinary officer. He always has a cigarette in his mouth, is a big lover of girls, and generally prefers to sit quietly behind his desk. He operates under the orders of Colonel Mustang and we quickly realize that he is very loyal to him. He will be one of those that Colonel Mustang will bring with him to Central during his transfer, to the great despair of Havoc having just found a girlfriend.

Hawkeye, Riza (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Riza Hawkeye

Riza is none other than the daughter of Mustang’s master alchemy who, at the time of her death, entrusted the care and safety of young Riza to the future Flame Alchemist. However, the situation in which she finds herself is paradoxical. Indeed, she protects the colonel to help him achieve his objectives but he asked her to kill him if he crossed certain limits. A large tattoo covers most of her back.

Hawkins, Arthur (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Arther ep42 smile

Arthur Hawkins is Rebecca’s grandfather. An archaeologist and friend of Solomon, he gave the latter his Blue-Eyes White Dragon as a token of gratitude when, both were buried in the collapse of an old Egyptian tomb; Solomon lost on purpose to ensure that Arthur was the one to drink the only sip. water left in the bottle, prizes is up for grabs for the winner.


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Hawkins, Rebecca (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Rebecca Hawkins is an American girl who, in the first series, challenges Yugi to regain Solomon’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, claiming that it belongs to her grandfather, Arthur Hawkins and that Solomon stole it. Although she is very small, she is the regional champion in the United States. Eventually, however, she discovers that it was her grandfather who spontaneously donated her card to Solomon and that Yugi, as her grandfather did years ago, lost the duel on purpose.

Heartfilia, Lucy (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia dreams of being part of the most famous guild in the kingdom of Fiore: Fairy Tail, which she will be able to integrate thanks to Natsu. It is a constellationist who can summon spirits with the help of magic keys, each corresponding to a constellation. Although she is a little shy, she can be scary toward Natsu.


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Hei (Darker Than Black)

image asset

Hei is the code name of the protagonist of the story, an elite contractor and responds to the code BK201. Hei presents a split personality in the series. In front of the general public is Lee Shen Shun, a friendly Chinese exchange student who lives in the Umitsuki Apartments, and occasionally works a “different part-time job”.

Henderson, Henry (SPY×FAMILY)


Being already elderly, Henry is a mature and noble person. This can be seen in his interview with the Forger family, he was calm and composed. Even at Eden Academy, when he teaches students, he mentally observes and criticizes students. Although, he is a bit strange, given his constant obsession with “elegance”. Not much is known about Henry’s upbringing, but it can be assumed that he has some sort of high social background.

Hida, Cody (Digimon Adventure 02)


Cody Hida wants to know everything and thinks like an adult, despite being the youngest on the team. Wise, calm and thoughtful, he has known Yolei since a young age because they live in the same building. He enters the Digital World at the same time as her, and is assigned as a companion Armadillomon, with whom he will maintain a very tender relationship. He practices kendo regularly with his grandfather. He carries the Symbols of Knowledge and Responsibility. Twenty-five years later, Cody becomes a lawyer and raises a daughter.

Higurashi, Kagome (InuYasha)


Kagome Higurashi is the narrator and co-star of the story. A young girl of the modern era, who is in eighth grade and lives in an ancient Shinto temple in Tokyo with her family, consisting of her mother, younger brother Sōta and paternal grandfather. On her 15th birthday, she is dragged to the bottom of the ancient temple well by a centipede demon, thus finding herself in the Sengoku era. After breaking the seal that held Inuyasha prisoner, she will have to go with him in search of the fragments of the Sphere of the Four Spirits, which she herself has destroyed.

Hikifune, Kirio (Bleach)

10848032 1739550239603880 1179240932466426421 n

Kirio Hikifune is one of the five Shinigami belonging to the Royal Guard; in the past he was the captain of the Twelfth Division and had as lieutenant Hiyori Sarugaki, with whom he had an almost maternal relationship. She holds the title of “Ruler of Grain” as she invented artificial souls and Soul Candy. Kirio uses a logic similar to the production of Soul Candy when preparing food, injecting large quantities of reiatsu into it in order to greatly strengthen those who eat it; to this must be added her great culinary talent, with which she is able to make any food extremely tasty and savory.


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Himawari Uzumaki (Boruto)

Himawari Uzumaki HD

Himawari Uzumaki is a girl from Konohagakure and the daughter of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga and the sister of Boruto Uzumaki. Like her older brother, she is equally a member of the Uzumaki clan and the Hyuuga clan. She does not attend Ninja Academy in the epilogue. Himawari is a kind-hearted and bright girl.

Himejima, Gyomei (Demon Slayer)


As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Gyomei is a very powerful swordsman. Tanjiro and Inosuke claim him to be the most powerful slayer in the entire organization. This was also confirmed by the Upper Moon 1, Kokushibo, who noted that Gyomei’s physical abilities had been pushed to an absolute peak.

Himi, Tommy (Digimon Frontier)


Tomoki Himi is one of six DigiDestined children of Digimon Frontier, who are given the ability to transform into Digimon. Tomoki, pushed into the Digital World against his will and initially eager to immediately return to the real world, receives the Spirit of Ice at the beginning of the series. He attends the third grade and the Legendary Warrior his partner is Kumamon.

Himura, Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)

Himura Kenshin

Raised by Seijūrō Hiko, who saved him from his parents’ killers, Kenshin, whose real name is Shinta, learns the techniques of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu and becomes a samurai. However, he abandons his master and joins the Ishin Shishin, among whom he becomes a hitman thanks to his skill with the sword. However, after losing his beloved Tomoe, he decides to redeem himself and put his skills at the service of the weakest, wandering around Japan and helping poor people.

Hinakawa, Shō (Psycho-Pass)

SHo Hinakawa

Sho Hinakawa is an enforcer in Division 01 of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Public Safety Bureau. Hinakawa is a man in his 20s, of average height, and powerfully built. He has gray eyes and messy red hair that covers his left eye. He normally wears a black suit, white shirt, and black tie, except for the bright purple lining on his rolled-up sleeves. When in the field, he wears a tan hooded jacket that closes with frog closures.


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Hinamori, Momo (Bleach)

Hinamori.Momo .full .65525

Momo Hinamori is the vice-captain of the 5th Division under Aizen. She is a good friend of Renji and Kira as well as Captain Hitsugaya’s adopted sister (Rukongai). She idolizes her Captain Aizen and will be so upset by his (alleged) death, that she will challenge Captain Hitsugaya to a duel, believing that he is the assassin. She will then escape from prison to avenge her captain. Despite her fragile appearance, she is very strong and will even stand up (verbally at least) to Captain Kuchiki when the latter gives the order to throw the seriously injured Renji in prison without treating him. She is also an expert in kidô (magic) and bakudo.

Hirako, Shinji (Bleach)

Shinji Hirako

The first Vard to approach Ichigo. He is extroverted and gives the appearance of a great relaxed seducer, always remaining nonchalant. Despite frequent and violent arguments, he is very close to Hiyori. He was the captain of the 5th Division 110 years ago and Aizen was its lieutenant. A victim of Aizen’s machinations, Shinji is the last captain to succumb to holofication.

Hiruzen Sarutobi (Naruto)

Hiruzen scaled

Hiruzen was the Hokage when Naruto was a child and the future Hokage admired the old man. He was powerful, he was experienced and he was wise, but he was also too stubborn, and his poor judgment regarding his not stepping down from the position of Hokage when it was time for him to do so eventually cost him his life.

Hisagi, Shūhei (Bleach)

shuhei sad

Shūhei Hisagi is the lieutnant of the 9th division. When he was younger, when he was not yet vice-captain, he had Renji, Hinamori and Kira under his command at the shinigami academy for their first mission to hunt hollows in the real world. He has a deep respect for ex-captain Kensei Muguruma, and his tattoos pay homage to him.

Hisoka (Hunter×Hunter)


Hisoka Morrow is one of the heroes’ antagonists, especially Killua and Gon, and a staple character in Hunter X Hunter. Mysterious, liar, cunning, and provocative. Considering himself a “hunter”, he is as good at fighting as he is at deception. Always in search of his interests and pleasures, he knows how to be daring and tenacious to the point of endangering his life.

Hit (Dragon Ball Super)


Hit is one of Champa’s 5 fighters from universe 6 and is therefore naturally opposed to the Beerus team which belongs to universe 7. Unlike Cabba, he does not come to greet his opponents and remains behind. Shortly after Frost’s defeat, he is the only one to realize with Vados that he was planning to steal the tournament award. However, Hit manages to knock him out thanks to a mysterious technique. Shortly after Magetta’s defeat, Son Goku and Vegeta begin to see the threat he could represent.

Hitsugaya, Tōshirō (Bleach)


Tōshirō Hitsugaya has the appearance of an 11-year-old child but is already a captain of the 10th Division. Became shinigami only five years ago, he is a young prodigy such as we rarely see in Soul Society. He is very close to Hinamori, lieutenant of the 5th division.

Hiyori Iki (Noragami)


Initially a normal and quiet student with very high grades and a passion for wrestling, after being involved in an accident while trying to save the life of a boy who was about to be run over, namely Yato, she becomes a half ayakashi, that is a human with the ability to “detach” his soul from the body, leaving the latter in a phase of deep sleep, and able to interact with those who are in the cleft, like the gods.

Hody Jones (One Piece)

Hody Jones Portrait

Hody is calm and has a great hatred towards humans like Arlong but unlike the latter, he does not hesitate to attack Fish-Man who displease him. He shows this by using one of his men to shield himself from an attack from Zoro instead of just dodging it. In his fights, to be sure of winning, he drugs himself with steroids, even if it means losing part of his life instead of fighting with his own already great strength.

Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Van Hohenheim

Hohenheim defines himself as a monster, he appears to be immortal even though it is not explicitly said. (He is shot at point blank range and yet only his clothes are damaged). The one who leads the homunculi, calling himself Father, looks a lot like him and the first reaction is to think that they are the same person but the doubts are raised when Ed and Al find themselves in Father’s haunt and where the latter seems delighted that ‘Hohenheim is still alive and has had children.

Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Howl with black hair

Howl is a mysterious twenty-seven-year-old lone wizard with a very bad reputation. He is known by several aliases: Jenkins the Sorcerer in Porthaven, Howl Pendragon (his favorite of him) in Kingsbury, while his first name is Howell Jenkins. Five years before the beginning of the story, Howl made a pact with the fire demon Calcifer giving him his heart so that the demon could continue to live, receiving in exchange part of his magical powers: such a pact, however, progressively weakens the will of the human, who is subjugated by the demon, with the possibility that the latter takes over completely.


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Hughes, Maes (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Lieutenant-Colonel Maes Hughes is the best friend of Colonel Roy Mustang whom he has promised to help rise to the top. He is very “mesmerized” with Ed and Al. He is a very endearing character and strongly attached to his family since he is also a young father. Completely in love with his family, especially his daughter, he very often talks about it during serious conversations on a completely different subject, despite Mustang’s recommendations which remind him that soldiers talking about their family very often die.

Hyōsube, Ichibe (Bleach)

607Ichibeis Shikai Ichimonji

Ichibe Hyōsube is the commander of the Royal Guard and holds the title of “Monk Who Calls the Real Name”. He looks like a stout, bearded man with thick eyebrows and a big nose. He is credited with giving the name to all things in the Soul Society, including calling the shinigami swords “Zanpakutō” and their releases “Shikai” and “Bankai”; he also claims to know the real name of all the Zanpakutō, a statement confirmed by the fact that it is he who reveals the real name of Zabimaru’s Bankai to Renji.

Hyūga, Hanabi (Naruto)

Hanabi Hyuga

Hanabi Hyūga is Hinata’s little sister, considered the heiress of the clan. Despite her very young age, she shows great talent in using her family’s techniques. In a special episode, we can see that she admired her big sister a lot when she was younger and took her as an example, until she noticed that Neji was much stronger than her, toning down the admiration she felt.

Hyūga, Hiashi (Naruto)

Hiashi Hyuga

Hiashi Hyūga is a jōnin-ranked ninja from Konohagakure and the current leader of the Hyūga Clan. He is the twin brother of Hizashi Hyūga, father of Hinata, who is the eldest, and Hanabi, who is the youngest, as well as taking care of Neji Hyūga.

Hyūga, Hinata (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata is a kunoichi from Konoha village belonging to the Hyūga clan. Just like Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame, she is part of Team 8 led by Kurenai Yūhi. Hinata’s childhood was relatively difficult. As the heir to the clan, she had to train a lot, a task she accomplished with her father. At the age of three, she saw her clan put on Neji the cursed seal of “The Bird in a Cage”, something which was remarkable for her since she considered herself responsible for this fact.

Hyūga, Neji (Naruto)


Neji Hyūga was a Jōnin from Konohagakure, a member of Team Guy along with his teammates Rock Lee and Tenten. He belonged to the Hyūga Clan, one of the most powerful in Konoha for possessing one of the three famous Dōjutsu, the Byakugan. He was considered one of the strongest ninjas of his generation and was known to all as: a genius. In the Fourth Shinobi World War he was part of the Second Division.