Who Is Yoru in Chainsaw Man? Devil Contract & Powers Explained

yoru chainsaw man

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The Chainsaw Man saga has introduced a plethora of interesting characters, including devils, hybrids, fiends, and everything in between. Yoru has become one of the leading antagonists in recent manga chapters, and many fans are eager to find out exactly who Yoru is in Chainsaw Man as a result, in addition to her devil contract and powers.

Yoru is the name given to the War Devil after possessing Asa Mitaka’s body via a devil contract, primarily due to Asa having an issue with “the War Devil” as a name. The War Devil has Weapon Creation abilities and is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, seeking to destroy Pochita in Chainsaw Man. While Asa is technically dead, the two can still communicate due to the War Devil leaving Asa’s consciousness intact.

While Yoru is a point of interest for many anime lovers worldwide, her motives are pretty clear as she seeks revenge on Chainsaw Man. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Yoru, including her special abilities and devil powers, as well as why she hates the Chainsaw Devil so much.

Who is Yoru in Chainsaw Man?

Yoru is the name later given to the War Devil after reincarnating on earth. A young school girl named Asa Mitaka is the official host of the War Devil in Chainsaw Man, but this being’s name was changed to Yoru after the War Devil claimed Asa Mitaka’s body.

Devil Contract Explained

Technically, Asa Mitaka is now deceased, meaning that the War Devil is taking the form of a fiend. Asa Mitaka was initially killed by the Justice Devil, after which the War Devil appeared and offered a devil contract. Asa Mitaka accepted the proposed devil contract with the War Devil, allowing the devil to use her body – after which she becomes the War Fiend.

asa dead

Asa Mitaka still appears to be around on a conscious level, as she communicates with the War Devil after her supposed death. The situation is quite unique compared to other fiends in Chainsaw Man, as it seems that Yoru intentionally left half of Asa Mitaka’s brain free from possession.


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This means that Asa Mitaka’s consciousness is still somewhat intact, but the War Devil can take control of her body as she pleases – unless emotion prevents this arrangement, such as whenever Asa is stricken with fear. The name “Yoru” was actually given due to Asa saying that “the War Devil” was too difficult to use as a name.

asa yoru

It’s unknown why the War Devil chose to make a contract with Asa Mitaka, but many presume it has to do with their common enemy – as well as the fact that Asa was an isolated individual. Asa Mitaka felt great resentment and hatred towards all devils, specifically Chainsaw Man, while the War Devil vowed to destroy Pochita, her old enemy and rival.

War Devil Origins

The War Devil has been around for as long as the concept of war itself, being most powerful during times of war on earth. The War Devil is one of the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, previously engaging in battle against Pochita alongside the Control Devil, the Death Devil, and the Famine Devil.

Now known as Yoru, the War Devil begins attending the same school as Denji in the hopes of defeating him. Her powers are vast, and she gains strength depending on how many beings fear her or the relative fear of war.

asa chainsaw man

She vows to make Chainsaw Man throw up nuclear weapons and explosives, which was initially seen as an expression of hatred, but many speculate that the War Devil actually wants Pochita to free the Nuclear Weapons Devil. Yoru was initially mentioned back in the Public Safety Saga, and she is a main villain within the Academy Saga.

Personality & Intellect

Yoru has an incredibly confident approach in battle, generally treating her opponents as warm-ups rather than as true rivals. The War devil enjoys killing humans, much like many of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man, typically treating them as a means to an end rather than living beings.

war devil warm up

What makes Yoru different from most other fiends in Chainsaw Man is the fact that she left most of Asa Mitaka’s brain intact in order for her to use ‘human’ intellect. She was able to blend in with other humans using Asa Mitaka’s prior learnings and was able to track down Denji using basic cognitive skills.

asa yoru share

The War Devil is definitely dark and twisted as is, with a flippant attitude toward death and murder. But, it also appears that the War Devil has its own odd sense of humor as well, although it’s never considered to be funny for her victims.

war devil humor

Unlike Makima, Yoru appears to have more human tendencies since she does not maintain her typical demeanor at all times and appears to lose her temper in certain situations. Yori is seen throwing childlike tantrums as well, punching the pillows on Asa Mitaka’s bed, and is worried she will lose her power and be forgotten – which shows that she does have a slightly more sensitive side to her as well.


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That being said, it is believed that devils can take on the tendencies of the hosts they possess as well. Since Asa is still conscious, in a sense, it would explain why the situation is complex, but many believe that Yoru may have taken on some of Asa’s traits and insecurities.

War Devil Appearance

Being the War Fiend, Yoru has an appearance that is mostly similar to teenage Asa Mitaka – with a few exceptions. She has ringed yellowish eyes when controlling Asa’s body, much like the other Four Horsemen devils, and she has added scars across her face.

asa 1

She generally wears a standard black and white school girls’ uniform with black lace for a tie, accessorized with sneakers instead of school shoes. After taking Asa Mitaka’s body, the previous hairstyle is no longer worn – instead, Yoru wears her hair loose and messy around the clock.

war devil 1

When not taking a human or fiend form, the War Devil appears to resemble a dark and shadowy bird-like creature similar to an owl or potoo. However, this is believed to be the War Devil’s weakened state after Pochita began eating from her body during their previous battle.

War Devil: Powers & Abilities

As a devil, Yoru has the ability to create devil contracts with humans alongside basic devil powers such as enhanced strength, speed, durability, regeneration, immortality, and much more. However, she does have some rather unique abilities that make her a huge threat in battle.


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Her main skill involves weapon creation and transformation. Provided that the victims feel some type of affection towards the host, Asa Mitaka, Yoru is able to manipulate their body parts and form weapons from them in turn – specifically in the form of flesh weapon creation and object weapon creation.

war devil spine

An example of this is seen when she uses Mr. Tanaka’s spine as a sword when she turns the Justice Devil’s hand into a grenade, as well as when she turns a pencil into a spear. With such an insane amount of power and rage toward Pochita, it’s only a matter of time before Yoru takes on Denji and tries to destroy Chainsaw Man.


That’s everything there is to know about Yoru in Chainsaw Man so far, with images thanks to the Villains Wiki. Yoru may seem like an ordinary devil at first, but she is actually powerful enough to defeat Pochita with ease. Since she is currently in a weakened state, Denji and Pochita may stand a chance against her, but fans are still unsure how things will play out in future Chainsaw Man releases.

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