Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Meet Death Devil, Famine Devil, War Devil & Conquest Devil in Chainsaw Man

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There have been tons of powerful villains throughout the Chainsaw Man storyline, most of which were defeated by Denji and others. However, the introduction of a brand-new character has reignited curiosity among fans, with many wondering exactly who the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are.

Chainsaw Man‘s strongest fears are embodied by “the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, namely Fami as either the Devil Devil or the Famine Devil/ Hunger Devil), Asa Mitaka/ Yoru as the War Devil, and Makima/ Nayuta as the Conquest Devil/ Control Devil/ Domination Devil. These four devils usually have young female forms with ringed yellowish eyes, and they are seen as the most powerful apart from devils embodying “Primal Fears”.

Since the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are powerful enough to take down the infamous Chainsaw Devil, the possibility of them reuniting on earth is definitely cause for concern. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse so far, including the supposed origins of each member.

Who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Chainsaw Man?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are rarely mentioned throughout the Chainsaw Man storyline, initially being mentioned by Makima in Chapter 87 of the Chainsaw Man manga. Although these figures are feared by both devils and humans, very little is known about the Four Horsemen, as their forms and appearances can vary depending on their reincarnations.

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However, it has been shown that the Four Horsemen typically have similar ringed yellow-orange eyes. Ironically, the Four Horsemen (so far) also tend to resemble young and beautiful women, but fans are uncertain if this was an intentional detail or if this was a mere coincidence.

The Four Horsemen: Background & Origins

The concept of the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man is fairly similar to mythology in the real world, but their existence is proven to be real. They could potentially be the most powerful devils within the entire Chainsaw Man universe, as they embody the greatest fears of the world.


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It is believed that the Four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils once engaged in a brutal battle in Hell, in which Pochita vanished under mysterious circumstances. It was later revealed that Pochita had actually escaped the battle on the verge of death, taking the form of the beloved pup we all know and love.

pochita dream

While the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are generally described as a team, group, or cohesive unit, their operations do not appear to follow the norms of such an arrangement in practice. The Four Horsemen appear to be far more independent of each other than many would have expected, although they seem to maintain a deep sibling-like connection with each other.

The Death Devil (Unknown)

The Death Devil is one of the most mysterious devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, and fans still aren’t sure when this devil will make an appearance – although many believe this could be Fami. The Death Devil’s powers and abilities still remain a mystery, but the limits are endless as it’s being fueled by such a vast and complex fear.

The Famine Devil (Fami)

The Famine Devil has been surrounded by speculation for a long time, with many Chainsaw Man fans even theorizing that this was actually Kobeni’s secret Devil contract. The Famine Devil, also known as the Hunger Devil, has been recently teased in the form of a young girl named Fami – a strikingly similar name.

fami 1

Fami flaunts a classic school uniform paired with a black cap from the devil hunters club, and she has mid-length light hair. She has several beauty spots across her face and ringed yellow-orange eyes, and she wears some unique earrings resembling triangular scales (a potential reference to Famine’s iconic scale or to Pochita’s pull cord).

famine devil

While some Chainsaw Man fans believed Fami could be the Death Devil, her powers may be in line with the supposed Famine Devil. She can heal others and has a range of telepathic abilities as well, capable of communicating psychologically and seemingly altering states with the snap of a finger.


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These powers may seem more reminiscent of the Death Devil, depending on perspective, but the “Famine” figure proposed in real-world mythology was not too heavily focused on food either. Instead, there appears to be a closer correlation between ‘hunger’ and worldly pleasures, which extends to a range of other aspects apart from tasty treats.

The War Devil (Asa Mitaka/ Yoru)

The introduction of Asa Mitaka had Chainsaw Man fans hyped, flaunting enhanced speed, enhanced strength, and enhanced durability topped with custom weapon creation. Later known as Yoru, the War Devil took over Asa’s body, making her a Fiend, although its true form has been shown briefly on certain occasions.

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It appears to have the form of a birdlike creature, although it’s possible that this is a weakened form (similar to Pochita’s weakened form). When taking Asa’s form, the War Devil has yellowish-ringed eyes similar to Makima’s, wearing loose messy hair and a standard school uniform.

war devil 1

Having a firm grudge against Chainsaw Man, she vows to make Denji suffer and even makes a statement about making him throw up explosives. However, this may also be a reference to making Pochita throw up – which would end up freeing the Nuclear Weapons Devil and others.

war devil 2

Oddly enough, Yoru states that it actually killed Pochita numerous times in previous battles, but Pochita refused to die and kept getting back up. It was said that Pochita began eating from her instead, a possible reason for the War Devil’s currently weakened state.

The Conquest Devil (Makima/ Nayuta)

The Conquest Devil has been the only member of the Four Horsemen that Chainsaw Man fans have been able to keep track of. Otherwise known as the Control Devil or the Domination Devil, the Conquest Devil’s special ability involves gaining control over victims through domination and force manipulation – alongside using her victims’ controlled powers as well.

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As most Chainsaw Man fans would know, the Control Devil was confirmed to be Makima, Denji’s primary love interest. She ended up being a huge unforeseen antagonist as the Chainsaw Man story progressed, revealing that Makima didn’t actually like Denji and was only after Denji’s hybrid heart.

Makima was technically considered a ‘former’ member of the Four Horsemen, although things become blurred with various reincarnations and lifetimes. She instead chose to become a devil hunter in the hopes of tracking down Pochita and using his abilities to create a better world.

control devil

Denji had already lost just about everyone he loved, primarily due to Makima’s actions. He ended up killing Makima and eating her body in order for her to be defeated, but she would later turn up in the form of a young girl named Nayuta – many fans are still curious to find out exactly how Makima was reincarnated, especially so quickly.

denji nayuta

This would make Nayuta the new Control Devil, a member of the Four Horsemen in theory. Denji certainly cares for Nayuta, taking her in and vowing to raise her with plenty of love in the hopes of her using her powers for good, but many Chainsaw Man fans still anticipate yet another grim plot twist in future releases.

How Powerful are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Considering that devils in the Chainsaw Man gain power and strength based on how many beings fear their name (or, at least, the respective fear that they represent), it’s understandable that the Four Horsemen would be among the most powerful. These devils embody the world’s most deeply rooted and universally experienced fears, meaning that they would each naturally have far more strength than other devils.

But, what makes the Four Horsemen so special compared to other devils, including some of the most feared and powerful, is the fact they can retain their memories while others’ memories will be erased (to a degree, as reincarnation is a complex process). They are not affected by Pochita’s special powers, and they remember the names and associations of erased devils – such as the Nuclear Weapons Devil, the Nazi Devil, and many others.

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This extends to the Pochita’s brute strength as well, as they can physically overpower him in battle. According to legend, the Four Horsemen were actually the only recorded beings who could easily take down Pochita, the “Hero of Hell” – to the point where their force managed to drive Pochita out of hell.


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In addition, it’s also been theorized that the combined powers of the Four Horsemen are either almost as powerful or as powerful as Primal Fear Devils, who embody fears that are embedded in the natural human psyche. Of course, there is very little evidence of the Four Horsemen as a group as well as in terms of being individual devils, nor is there evidence of their past lives – apart from Makima. But, their known and hypothesized powers make them far more dangerous than many Chainsaw Man fans anticipated.

That’s everything there is to know about the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man so far, with images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki. Fans still have much to learn about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Chainsaw Man, especially considering that these figures may just be the greatest threat our beloved anime protagonists will ever face. Hopefully, we will get to find out more about the Four Horsemen’s origins and powers, as well as their intentions in future Chainsaw Man releases.

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