Will Boruto & Sarada Get Married? Here’s What We Know

Will Boruto Sarada Get Married

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brought us many developments after the Naruto series, and the new generation of shinobi has other obstacles threatening the Ninja Word, and the main character Boruto is at the helm, leading his fellow shinobi toward peace. Ōtsutsuki threat is at an all-time high in the Boruto series, but fans still found time to speculate about the future of their favorite characters – specifically Boruto and Sarada. These two are children of legendary Team Seven members, and their relationship has been interesting. In this article, we will discuss if Boruto and Sarada will get married.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • If we had to speculate, Boruto and Sarada have a high chance of getting married.
  • Right now, they are just children who have shown few instances of having feelings for each other.
  • However, knowing how Masashi Kishimoto writes his characters, there is a high possibility of Boruto and Sarada getting married in the future, especially because of their parents and pairings from the original Naruto series. 

Boruto and Sarada’s relationship in the Boruto series

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations presented us with many new characters and concepts that the original series didn’t have. Some fans welcomed it, some didn’t, but generally, many fans wanted to see how original characters faired after the Naruto series. Naruto married Hinata and had two children with her, Boruto and Himawari, while Sakura finally “won over” Sasuke and later had a little girl called Sarada

Of course, we know that Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have always been really close, and no one was surprised to discover that their children hung out a lot over the years. When it comes to Boruto, he is quite similar to his father – energetic, mischievous, and compassionate, but much more intelligent than Naruto.

Moreover, Boruto seems more sensible, a boy who thinks a lot before he acts, which he probably inherited from his mother, Hinata. Boruto worshipped Naruto until the Gutsy Ninja became a Hokage, which distanced him from his family a lot. Boruto couldn’t see his father that often because of his role as the leader of the Konoha and peaceful Ninja World, which made the young Uzumaki incredibly sad and angry, propelling him to wreak havoc around.

boruto and sarada 3

On the other side, Sarada had a different family situation. Her father, Sasuke, was never home because he went on to “fix and heal” the Ninja World from his sins, and Sakura was essentially a single mother for most of Sarada’s childhood. The young girl never met her father, and after countless questions to her mother about Sasuke and deflected and vague answers, Sarada gave up and focused on becoming the best shinobi she could be. 


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Besides her mother, Naruto was another person she greatly admired, especially in how he loved his family and his strength and status as Hokage. Despite not knowing her father, Sarada sometimes displayed many of Sasuke’s traits, like silently observing people and judging them with her piercing Uchiha stare. Sarada was always first to judge Boruto when he would create chaos all over the city. Boruto was annoyed by her “mature” personality, which sometimes made her arrogant.

However, as time passed, it became obvious that Sarada always knew Boruto as the best of the whole generation because she had grown up with him. Since the first episode of the Boruto series, Sarada seemed the only one who knew what was going on with Boruto; she understood how his father’s work was impacting him, and not one of his friends noticed it but Sarada. She still respected Boruto, though, which sparked further into the series.

We saw Boruto’s and Sarada’s dynamic in very few scenes, but that changed when they became genin and part of the same team. Respect, as mentioned earlier, was always there between Boruto and Sarada, but the obligation to protect each other is also there. 

sarada and boruto 2

Boruto and Sarada had moments where they showed their feelings for each other in the series. For example, during their usual bickering, Mitsuki always mentions how they would be an ideal couple, making Boruto and Sarada blush and feel awkward. Sarada was Boruto’s biggest supporter when Sasuke was reluctant to train Boruto and always had young Uzumaki’s back.

Another significant moment happened when Momoshiki and Kinshiki attacked Konohagakure. Sarada asked Boruto if he would ever become Hokage like his father. Boruto answered that he doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps but to become like his mentor Sasuke. He continued that he would want to protect Sarada when she becomes a Hokage and help her realize her dream. After the answer, Sarada was stunned and heavily blushing in front of Boruto, which confirmed that she crushed on the boy at that point in the series. 

Also, the fact that Sarada gets the second tomoe on her Sharingan after she barely saves Boruto from Deepa proves whether it’s platonic or romantic, Sarada has strong feelings for Boruto.

Boruto isn’t “innocent” of blushing in front of Sarada as well, especially when she compliments him or when he is in awe of her actions. Their relationship is mostly as usual as it is between 13-year-olds; some patterns greatly remind us of previous relationships from the original Naruto characters. 

Will Boruto and Sarada get married?

We mentioned that Boruto and Sarada remind us of their parents and the love triangle from the Naruto series. First of all, this is speculation based on my interpretation of the characters throughout both series. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto were in a love triangle, and their dynamic kickstarted many conflicts in the Naruto series. 

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Sakura was not a very well-written character in Naruto Shippuden, which reflected the Team Seven members and their life paths. The main example is her confessing her “feelings” for Naruto for the Gutsy Ninja to stop chasing Sasuke and just kill him. Sakura always knew that Naruto had a crush on her, which she used for her own gain. There was a hint in Naruto Shippuden that Sakura admired Naruto much more for how he matured as a shinobi and person, but that didn’t go anywhere. It was only mentioned in The Last: Naruto the Movie, and, of course, the whole Sasuke-Naruto dynamic confused a lot of fans and even kickstarted the shipping wars back in the day, and frankly, Kishimoto was aware of all that.

The creator of the Naruto and Boruto series loves parallels – Indra and Asura, Madara and Hashirama, Sasuke and Madara… the list goes on. The relationships, team dynamics, and other aspects of the series strongly reference other plot points of the series.

Why are all these points relevant to Boruto and Sarada’s relationship? Well, fans would love it if descendants of Team Seven became a couple because, once again, parallels are important for the series’ creators. Boruto and Sarada embody Naruto and Sakura (NaruSaku) and Sasuke and Naruto (NaruSasu) pairings of the Naruto series. Based on the parallels point, they would make a great couple and make many older fans happy if that happens. 

Nevertheless, we cannot confirm whether Boruto and Sarada will ever get married. Still, we can speculate and say that there is a possibility of that happening, based on the scenes and moments from the Boruto series. Also, these are Masashi Kishimoto characters; trust me, he loves his parallels.

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