20 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

20 Best Minecraft Modpacks In 2021

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Minecraft is an incredible, incredible game. It has so many reasons to be popular. Wanna show off some creative skills? Minecraft is your platform to do that. Modded versions have garnered even greater hypes. Seasoned players probably already know a bit bout this, but if you are new to this game, the Minecraft mods can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. So what are the best modpacks to play? 

The top modpacks of 2021 include Pixelmon, X-Life 2, Optfine, SevTech Ages, Valhelsia 3, Nature’s Beauty, Carpenter’s Blocks, Just Enough Items, Fast Leaf Decay, Space Astronomy 2, and others. Different categories have different mods that are top-rated. Optifine is the best utility mod, Furnicraft is the best Minecraft Pocket Edition modpack.

You may be perfectly satisfied with the default version of the game, but if you want the game to come alive, dive into the vast world of mods. For your convenience, I have compiled a list of the best Minecraft mods for 2022. Every modpack comes with a set of instructions, so installing it will be hassle-free for you. Without further ado, let’s get to know about the top Minecraft mods.

1. X-Life 2

This modpack is amazing to play. X-Life 2 replicates the X-Life series. Many famous YouTube influencers like FWhip and DangThatsALongName have played with this modpack. X-Life 2 includes a set of mods that generally improve the overall gameplay while also adding a variety of mods like technology mods, new creatures, adventure mods, and much more. 

To use this modpack, you will need a proper gaming PC with high-end specs. This mod may cause problems on low-end devices because it is a bit bigger than most of the other available Minecraft mods. The experience of this mod makes it worth the hassle and time. It is highly recommended to play with friends as it has everything you’d wish for. Technology, stuff to explore, new mobs, creatures, you name it.

When you are playing with this mod, you will start your game with one heart. The number of hearts will increase each time you’d die, so the competition between you and your friends will be to keep the number of hearts as low as possible. 

To gain the full experience of this modpack, you may also have to download a few additional files from this website. 

2. Optifine

If you are playing Minecraft on a high-end device, this mod would be the first one on the list for you to install. Minecraft isn’t known for its HD graphics or fine details. Optifine adds the support for high definition graphics and a variety of controls over the graphic properties. 

Additionally, Optifine, being a utility mode, also makes Minecraft run faster and better. Minecraft’s gameplay is very poor on low-end computers, so Optifine can take care of it by supporting high definition textures, smooth lighting, and frame rate optimization.

3. SevTech Ages

20 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

Are you a tech-savvy player? Yes? This mod is just the right thing for you. SevTech Ages is a mod for players like you who love to check out the different types of technology in Minecraft. You can add any modded technology to the game with this mod. Another standout feature of this mod is that it has a progression to it. You can spawn in the stone ages and work your way up to the age of space exploration with a spaceship or a space rocket.

Sounds fun, right? Such features make this mod a perfect one to try out with your friends as there is a lot to do individually and collectively. Make your way through the ages of technological advancement alone, or try making a space station with your friends.

4. Valhelsia 3

Valhelsia 3 is one of the Valhelsia modpack series that improve the gameplay in Minecraft exponentially. This modpack works best for each area or park separately, and there are different versions that all players can try out and enjoy. 

5. Nature’s Beauty

Just like its name implies, this mod is all about the aesthetics of the game. Want to have a more wholesome graphic experience in the game? Does the outlook of your in-game world look bland to you? Want to focus more on natural beauty rather than technology? If yes, this modpack is exactly what you need. 

Nature’s Beauty modpack makes the game more pleasant looking by generating new structures, amazing views, attractive landscapes, different mobs, and beautiful biomes without making the game slower or choppy. 

It is definitely for those players who want to focus more on the aesthetic beauty of the game instead of going for technological advancements. 

6. Carpenter’s Blocks

The average Minecraft block occupies a space of one cubic meter. However, sometimes you create structures or items that require much more precision and accuracy to look attractive. The Carpenter’s Blocks mod lets you add a lot of smaller versions of blocks so that you can use them to create even finer structures and items. 

This modpack lets you break free from the limits of construction and customize your creativity as you please.

7. Just Enough Items

Want to know about the ingredients and recipes of every item in the game? Then this modpack is for you. The ‘Just Enough Items’ mod lets you view all the things in the game along with their ingredients. 

Now that you know how to craft everything, this modpack will let you make every item with just a couple of clicks if you have the required ingredients.

8. Fast Leaf Decay

20 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

Waiting for something to happen is what everybody dislikes. And the same is valid when you have cut down all the wood from the trees in Minecraft and are waiting for the leaves to fall. The ‘Fast Leaf Decay mod increases the speed of leaves breaking off and falling from the trees once you have chopped the trees while collecting wood.

9. Space Astronomy 2

This mod is for the tech geeks and is about technology, science, and space. There are many machines, spaceships, rockets, planets, and other stuff for you to explore. In for discovering more about the galaxy? Hop into your rocket and fly off to a nearby planet and complete a long list of scientific advancements while having the fun of your life in Minecraft.

10. RL Craft

RL Craft is a real-life-based Minecraft modpack that features realistic graphics, creatures, and items. It is also considered to have very challenging gameplay, so if you a veteran Minecraft player and bored of the same old graphics and objects, this is the mod for you to play. 

Want to imagine how fun it is? Well, its creator has a fair warning for the players who play it that they will perish a lot. There would be real dragons flying around in your world, and they could kill you with a single fiery breath. Hence, its challenges and excitement have what made it so popular among seasoned players.

11. Regrowth

‘Regrowth’ modpack has questlines to guide you through the objectives. You start in a barren wasteland and then try to progress and grow the world back. It is just like rebuilding everything from scratch and is perfect for players who like to construct things according to some set plans. This mod is slower than the rest of the gameplay, hence providing you with more entertainment time. 

This modpack is also for experienced players because the mobs in the game are stronger, and it is much more difficult to defend against the monsters because of the lack of equipment.

12. Farming Valley

If you love being closer to nature than technology, this modpack will be entertaining enough for you. Farming Valley mod lets you build a town first and then become a farmer to progress through the game. 

You will have to plant, harvest, and sell the crops to make money, and that’s how you will progress. ‘Farming Valley’ gameplay is not like ordinary farming in Minecraft. It presents more challenges, and you will have to summon the Harvest Goddess in the very beginning to help you progress in the game.

13. Pixelmon

20 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

Want your game to be more fun? Start adding different creatures. Even better yet, Pokémon. ‘Pixelmon’ is a pretty aged mod pack that allows you to add tens of Pokémon in the game.

This modpack gets updated regularly so that you may not miss out on adding your favorite Pokémon to the game. 

14. Backpacked

Only being able to hold a limited number of items in Minecraft is pretty frustrating. But the ‘Backpacked’ mod has a clever solution that gives you a backpack with an additional nine slots. The backpack requires leather for crafting it. You can carry it on your back. 

The standout feature of this mod is that it will keep your inventory safe even after your death, so make sure that you are only storing those items that are and previous. You can craft the backpack in your crafting grid, so it will be easy to make one whenever you’d need it.

15. Wooden Golems

The ‘Wooden Golems’ modpack helps you create your golems to attach the monsters. You can equip the golems you make with either a bow or a sword. You can choose the weapon to equip in the inventory.

To make the golems even stronger, you can also add armor. If they are giving off any smoke, it would indicate that they need repairs. You can use the golems to either attack the monsters you come across or as your guards against any predators.

16. Realism

We all know how popular Minecraft is, both among children and adults. To make the game more realistic for the adults, the modpack ‘realism’ is the best fit. This mod changes the way you would craft items. For example, without this mod, you will convert the logs into planks by just filling up your crafting grid. However, by using this mod, you will have to make planks from wooden blocks using a handsaw. 

You can also use such tools, like the handsaw, as weapons. A variety of other tasks may include smelting copper to make your tools, spinning cloth with threaders, etc.

17. Rails of War

20 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

One of the most enjoyable mods is the ‘Rails of War’ in Minecraft. Do you love trains and locomotives? Here is the mod you would love to play. This mod gives you everything you would ever need to build a proper railway system. Vintage trains, locomotives, tracks, and even switches, the modpack provides you with everything. 

Start building your tracks, add the required trains and have fun. Just look out for different terrains and how to construct the railway lines through them. The railway system is pretty realistic as you would need coal to fuel the train engines, control their speed and fill them with supplies. 

18. LotsOMobs

Want to change your world for a moment? Are you tired of seeing all the common animals and creatures around all the time? Well, the ‘LotsOMobs’ modpack lets you add over forty new mobs. The mobs include animals and creatures like bees, giraffes, woolly mammoths, and even older cave dwellers. 

This mod is always getting a few updates regularly, so by the time you install it, a few new items and creatures may already be available in the modpack. 

19. Chisel

Let me give you an example here to tell you how cool this mod is. Cobblestones have just one texture in the main Minecraft game without mods. Do you know how many it will get with this mod? Twenty-four different textures, yes. Chisel provides a variety of texture and color options for many common types of blocks in the game. 

The more textures you have, the more options you will have for decorations.

20. Botania

This mod is all about flowers. Just flowers. Why so? Because those flowers will not be ordinary. Botania will let you grow flowers with amazing and magical properties. Flowers as medicine, flowers to feed the animals, or even creating portals to teleport you to a different world. 

How does that sound? Fun, right? If you are in for trying something different, this mod is for you.

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