25 Best Anime Characters That Start with an F [with Images]


Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter F. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nicknames.

Fanel, Van (The Vision of Escaflowne)


Van is the co-star of the series, a young king of Fanelia, the second son of King Gio and Queen Varia. Varia was a draconian, belonging to a winged people, direct descendants of the people of Atlantis. Since the draconians are considered to be carriers of bad luck, Van has always hidden his wings since he was a child. His brother Folken, who should have inherited the throne, never returned from a dragon hunt (an indispensable proof for accessing the throne of Fanelia) and was considered dead.

King Gio died of illness and shortly thereafter Varia also followed him. Van was raised by Balgas, a faithful knight of the kingdom. Arriving at the age of 15, Van faced the dragon hunt, and during the battle, he was mysteriously transported to earth, where he first met Hitomi. After killing the dragon, Van and Hitomi were returned to Gaia. However, during the young Fanelia’s coronation, she was attacked and destroyed by Zaibach’s army, despite her desperate attempts to defend aboard her guymelef (a giant robotic armor) activated through a blood pact with it.

The Farmer (Dragon Ball Z)


One day, as he was putting hay in his blue Chevrolet while smoking a cigarette, he stopped to have a rest and suddenly he saw something approaching the Earth and creating an explosion. The Farmer was wondering if it was a meteor or a UFO, and decided to go in his van. When he arrived, he went with his shotgun, but he realized that it is not a meteorite, but a ship from which the Saiyan Raditz comes out, who measures his strength with the Tracker that only reaches five (5).


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Father (Fullmetal Alchemist)


The Father is the first homunculus, created in the ancient city of Xerxes starting from the blood of Van Hohenheim, to whom he therefore resembles a lot physically. As a reward for having “begotten” he gave Van Hohenheim both the name and the knowledge of alchemy, thus relieving him of his slave status. It was he who created a huge alchemical circle around Xerses, making the king of Xerses believe that he can obtain immortality, sacrificing the inhabitants of the city to obtain a human body and immortality.

It is also he who created the homunculus by infusing them with part of his soul in the form of a philosopher’s stone. It is he who gave rise to the State of Amestris, with the aim of repeating, on a much larger scale, what he did to Xerses. He is able to carry out alchemical transmutations without moving even a muscle and has all the powers transmitted to his children as well.

Fanatio (Sword Art Online)


She is the sixth Integrity Knight to appear. She initially conceals her voice and her true appearance under her armor, and has under her command her own disciples, other low-level Integrity Knights called the “Four Swinging Blades” (they are Dakira Synthesis Twenty-Two, Jeis Synthesis Twenty-Three, Giro Synthesis Twenty-Four and Hobren Synthesis Twenty-Six, also anonymized under their armor until their mention to Eugeo by Bercouli), who also form her own, personal guard.

Her state of mind greatly influences her combat capacity and the blade of her sword, “Transperciel”, allows her to concentrate the sunlight and reflect it in rays, which pierce through all matter like lasers, causing a lot of damage.

She demonstrates a long-standing love for her elder and master Bercouli Synthesis One (whose opinion he has of her seems to have a lot of impact on her abilities), although she has refrained from initiating anything.

Faust, Nacht (Black Clover)


Nacht is a pragmatic and logical person. He knows that Asta has no chance of saving Yami from the Dark Triad alone. He thinks losing a fight is the loser’s fault and views losers as fools. Nacht is not shy about saying whether he likes someone or not. He’s also not afraid to express his dislike of all Magic Knight captains on their faces.

He has very definite ideas about what is good and bad; something is only good if it is good from the start, whereas something bad that becomes good, although a pleasant surprise, is ultimately bad. Nacht believes that doing good does not make up for past wrongs. This belief likely stems from his inability to forgive himself for his actions.

Faustus, Claude (Black Butler)

207 Claude Faustus

The new “Devil Butler” responds to his master by saying “Yes, your highness”. He has black hair and golden yellow eyes, contrasting with the bright red of Sebastian’s. Before signing a contract with Alois, he introduces himself in the form of a spider wandering around the Trancys’ mansion. Claude had remained close to Alois since the latter, at the suggestion of one of his cellmates, had recited a magic formula, putting a spider’s web wet with morning dew on his face.

Claude, once summoned, hears from Alois that the boy still doesn’t know what exactly he wants. At this point Claude turns into a spider, and it seems that in this form he follows Alois until he decides to make the contract.

Fernandes, Jellal (Fairy Tail)

Jellal.Fernandes.full .237392

He was captured young by a dark guild worshiping Zeleph to help build System R. It was there that he met the people who will help him accomplish his goal of using the Tower of Heaven, as well as Erza Scarlett with whom he will remain close (and fall in love with her).


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Ultia brainwashed him, making him believe he heard Zeleph. He enters one of the ten great holy mages under the false identity of Jycrain and had the objective of using a weapon from the satellite station to strike the tower of Heaven, the Aetherion.

Finger, Pieck (Attack on Titan)

Pieck mentions the Tybur family27s clout

Pieck Finger is a member of the Eldian Warrior Unit and the current owner of the Cart Titan. She is a girl with long black hair, a cheerful and sometimes ironic character, and an analytical mind suited to extreme situations. When the situation calls for it, she can be serious and skillful. At the beginning of the story, she appears in her Titanform during Shingashina’s battle against the Research Corps, helping her superior Zeke escape from the clutches of Levi, who had captured and seriously injured him. She subsequently fights the Middle Eastern Alliance army like a real tank, strafing the enemy trenches with the machine guns placed in the revolving turrets on her back.

Fio (Porco Rosso)


Fio Piccolo is Mr. Piccolo’s granddaughter. She was born and raised in the USA. She moves to Milan to work in the workshop Piccolo S.P.A. to work for her grandfather. Later she takes over this company. In addition to repairing and building an airplane, she is a skilled pilot. She owns her own private seaplane after taking over her grandfather’s company.

Grand Fisher (Bleach)


Grand Fisher is a Hollow who has eluded the Shinigami for over 54 years and is responsible for the death of Ichigo’s mother, Masaki Kurosaki. He will be killed later in the manga by Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo’s father, and former Shinigami captain. He uses a puppet resembling a little girl to attract his opponents and can give him the head of one of his relatives.

Forger, Anya (SPY×FAMILY)

Anya forger

Anya is a very curious girl and she loves adventures. She is fascinated by the fact that Loid is a spy. Even so, since she is only a child, her long trips tire her quickly, she falls asleep after shopping and Loid has to carry her home. She is also very sensitive – when Loid considers trading her for another baby, she bursts into tears.

She is not extremely bright, for example she wants to buy a thing that costs one dal for ten pents, and she has poor results in exams, but her mind-reading ability sometimes makes her seem more intelligent than she really is. He also does not think about the consequences of his actions, for example, he does not realize that playing with Loid’s spy devices can be dangerous.

Forster, Floch (Attack on Titan)

Floch is skeptical of Levi27s death

Floch was a former recruit who joined the Survey Corps before the Battle of Shiganshina District, serving under Squad Leader Klaus. Besides Major Hange and the tactical squad, he was the only survivor of this battle that allowed the recovery of Wall Maria. After discovering the truth about the outside world, Floch developed a deep hatred toward the Marley Empire. He was the leader of the pro-Yeager and believed that Eren is the only one who can save the people of Ymir.

Fossa (One Piece)

Fossa is a passionate and calm man, with a very gentle temperament. He hates conflict and when he attacks an enemy with his flaming sword, he always makes sure the blow is fatal so as not to cause unnecessary suffering. He must be reliable since he is Commander of a fleet. When Whitebeard leaves his crew, Fossa is seen crying, but he orders his division to leave anyway to honor their father’s wishes.


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Franky (One Piece)

one piece 10 things you didnt know about the battle frankies article image3

Frankie, actually Cutty Flam, is a cyborg and the ship’s carpenter for the Straw Hat Gang after they rescued him and Robin from Enie’s lobby in Justice Island. He likes to act like the cool guy, but he also starts to cry or sing a blues with his guitar when he hears sad stories. One of his characteristics is his performances, where he likes to strike poses that he thinks are cool, but which are rather embarrassing for the others.

Freecss, Ging (Hunter×Hunter)

Ging 136

Ging is part of the elite hunters; he obtained the title of double hunter which is given only to those who have rendered a great service to humanity. Given this, the information on him is a classified secret; Kurapika even claims that he could have the influence of a head of state and a fortune more than considerable. He was also part of the Zodiac Hunters, his code name is “boar”, but he is one of the two exceptions who did not change their appearance accordingly (the other being Pariston).

Freecss, Gon (Hunter×Hunter)


Gon Freecss is, along with Killua Zoldik, the hero of Hunter × Hunter. He is the son of the legendary Ging Freecss. He was raised by his aunt Mito (Ging’s cousin), whom he considers being his real mother. Mito makes her believe for a long time that her father was dead, but she later confesses to him that he is alive and that she has been granted custody in court. He possesses a personality close to any nekketsu manga hero, although it is clearly more sought after and deep.


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Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

frieza dbz feature image

Frieza and his family are in the planet trade by wiping out a planet’s population and selling the planet on. The demand for planets eventually becomes so great that Freeza subdues the Saiyans and lets them conquer planets for him. This goes well for a long time, but the Saiyans are getting stronger with their increasing experience in battle, closer to Freeza’s elite troops in strength.

Fritz, Dina (Attack on Titan)


Dina Fritz was a woman from Marley, a continental nation outside the island of Paradis, who appeared in a flashback contained in Grisha’s memoirs and inherited from Eren after he devoured his father. Dina was the last descendant of the branch of the royal family who refused to follow King Karl Fritz to the island of Paradis, preferring to stay on the mainland. Of medium height, handsome and with short blond hair, she kept herself hidden in the Eldian ghetto of Liberius to prevent Marley from discovering him, she was sent by the “Owl“, a spy infiltrated in the Marleyan government and head of the Restorationists of Eldia, just to help the terrorist group with the knowledge possessed only by members of the royal family.

Fritz, Karl (Attack on Titan)

Karl Fritz 29 character image

Karl Fritz was the first king of the walls to rule over the Eldians of Paradis. According to the testimony of Rod Reiss, he possessed the Coordinate and would therefore have had the power to exterminate the giants, but for unknown reasons, he decided instead to create three large walls, within which he encloses human beings, convinced that only in this way could they obtain the true peace. Then he erased the memories of the past from men, making them believe that the human race outside the walls was extinct, without being able to affect some families, such as those of the Asians and the Ackermanns.

His memories, his skills, and his ideology were handed down from generation to generation by the Reiss family, so much so that his influence on the individual who inherits his knowledge is such as to transmit the absolute security of his choice, causing him episodes at the same time. of delirium.

Fritz, Ymir (Attack on Titan)

Ymir is blamed for the escaped pig

Queen Ymir was the very first Eldian to gain the power of the Titans. She was a slave of Emperor Fritz who abused her power as the Founding Titan to bring prosperity to the kingdom of Eldia, and then devastate all the other nations of the world, including the Marley Empire. About 13 years after gaining her power, she died protecting the Emperor and her corpse was cannibalized by their daughters, Maria, Rose, and Sina.


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Frost (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 0141312017 05 21 09 41 47

Frost is first portrayed as a character who started a family, or so he claims. He seems eager to put an end to the Universe 6 wars. In reality, Frost is a real tyrant, and acts in the shadows so as not to be noticed by Champa. He is the one who starts the wars secretly to end them officially himself and thus passes himself off as a hero.

Fu (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Fu is one of Ling Yao’s servants, as well as Lan Fan’s grandfather, who, like Lin and Lan Fan, has the ability to sense the presence of homunculi. He will get Second Lieutenant Ross out of Amestris to take him to Xerxes and then to Xing. Back in Amestris, Fu will find his granddaughter crippled, and having been unable to protect his prince, he will be torn between anger that she could not protect Lin and sadness that she suffered so much.

He will then leave with her in search of a manufacturer of automails so that she can have one transplanted, not being able to go to Winry without involving the Elric brothers. He gets killed by Wrath while trying to avenge his granddaughter.

Fukasaku (Naruto)

Fukusaku 1

When duos with his wife, Fukasaku is a terrible opponent. Both are capable of performing powerful Ninjutsu and Genjutsu techniques as well as combinations of their respective powers. Being extremely intelligent and savvy, they can spot the flaw in a very complex technique like the Rinnegan in no time.

Furude, Rika (Higrashi When They Cry)


A friend of Satoko, she is revered as the heiress of the local shrine, and holds the role of a priestess in the annual festival of Watanagashi. Rika often appears to be nonchalant and childish, but is also sometimes surprisingly mature and possessing almost supernatural knowledge. Her father and mother died in strange ways.

Fushiguro, Megumi (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Megumi Fushiguro 1

A young exorcist in second grade at the Tokyo School of Exorcism under the tutelage of Satoru Gojō. He meets Yūji when he tries to locate an S-class relic, one of Sukuna’s fingers, in his high school. It is he who convinces Satoru to try to save Yūji from his execution after his possession by Sukuna.

He uses his cursed power to create spirits from his own shadows, to exorcise plagues. He appears to have high potential as an exorcist that several other powerful people have noticed, including Sukuna himself.