Does Kishibe Have a Contract with a Devil, Which One & What Are Its Powers?

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Chainsaw Man is arguably one of the oddest television series you’ll ever see, but that’s what makes it special and the reason it’s grown so well-liked. This piece was inspired by Chainsaw Man’s characters since they are so fascinating and deserve further attention. The enigmatic Kishibe, who is regarded as one of the series’ strongest characters, will be discussed in this article. He first appears in the first part of the manga and has since established himself as a crucial supporting figure. But why exactly is he so powerful, and does Kishibe have a contract with any devil? If so, which one is it, and what are its abilities?

Kishibe does have a devil contract. In fact, Kishibe has a contract with at least three devils: Claw Devil, the Knife Devil, and the Needle Devil. This is perhaps one of the reasons why he is regarded as The strongest devil hunter, according to Kishibe.

Kishibe is a very interesting character, mainly due to his mysterious figure and his enormous source of power. As to explain some of these amazing powers and solve some of these mysteries, let’s dive a little deeper into his character and find out who exactly Kishibe is and what abilities he possesses.

Who Is Kishibe from Chainsaw Man?

Kishibe, a man who works for Public Safety as a Devil Hunter in the Tokyo Special Division 1, was elevated to the captain of Tokyo Special Division 4 following the attacks against the Special Divisions.

Kishibe is an aged guy with patchy facial hair as well as a patched scar that extends from his mouth over his left cheek. His hair originally was black as a young adult, but it is now white in the manga. He has more yellow-colored hair in the anime, which probably is dyed. Kishibe typically sports a big overcoat and the usual Public Safety Devil Hunter costume, with two piercings in his left ear and one in his right.

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Kishibe is a tough, uncomplicated person. Due to his extraordinary brilliance and influence, he often approaches his work with a chilly formality and displays little emotion. Although he usually speaks in a calm, respectful manner, his actions frequently reveal a great deal of violence honed over many hours of Devil Hunting. He occasionally shows emotions, such as shock and despair, but his voice and face are always expressionless.

When he was young, Kishibe met Quanxi. Quanxi denied Kishibe’s request to be his woman during their first encounter, and he was punched by her as a result. This happened multiple times until she finally admitted she was interested in girls nine years after their initial meeting.


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Despite his stoic figure, Kishibe has often shown himself to be a sympathetic and emotional person. Despite his declared dislike of Fiends as well as Devils, he gets fond of Denji and Power while training them and expresses his worries for their safety to Makima. Later, as a favor for them, he looks after Meowy while they are away. Similarly, despite the two’s earlier efforts to assassinate one another, he won’t stare at Quanxi’s corpse after she dies because of their indicated former friendship.

Kishibe is somewhat insane because he has been running around and going after devils as a job for a very long time. He holds the opinion that the craziest devil hunters are the most terrifying to devils because they have no fear, not the bravest or the strongest.

What Devil Does Kishibe Have in Chainsaw Man?

At some point during the series, Kishibe made contracts with three different devils, each for an unknown price. Those devils are the Claw Devil, the Needle Devil, and the Knife Devil. It is said that these contracts make Kishibe extremely powerful. However, we have yet to learn what abilities these devils provide to him.

What Are Kishibe’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man?

As we have said before, Kishibe is regarded as one of the strongest characters in the series and thinks of himself as the strongest Devil Hunter there is, but what exactly makes him so strong, and what are his amazing abilities?

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Besides his devil contracts, Kishibe is also a very strong individual himself. Some of his physical abilities are as follows:

Exceptional Strength: Kishibe is incredibly powerful for a human, and neither Denji nor Power were able to stop him when he picked them up from the floor with one arm each and snapped their necks. He could destroy weapons made of Power’s solidified blood with a few punches.

Improved Speed: Kishibe is an incredibly speedy fighter who was able to slice Power’s neck before she could begin her own attack, avoid Denji’s slash, and counterattack by stabbing him more than once before Denji could respond.

Amazing Reflexes: Kishibe’s reflexes are enhanced, allowing him to evade a spear that was unexpectedly shoved through the doorway in front of him at point-blank range and respond to oncoming assaults from immediately above him.

Increased Durability: Kishibe has enhanced durability and could withstand being tossed from a window and dropping with enough force to smash a car’s top, but he did moderate his fall by plunging a blade into the building’s side.

Hand-to-Hand Fight: Kishibe is an expert in this area. When Denji attempted to assault him from behind, Kishibe was able to kick and spin in one seamless motion to hit Denji in the head and render him unconscious.

Knife Expertise: Kishibe is an expert with knives in battle; after dodging Denji’s blow, he stabbed Denji multiple times in the rear before slicing Power’s throat and ramming the knife through Denji’s chin and into his brain. He also has excellent aim since he throws his knife precisely down a corridor to strike Denji in the skull.


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Besides all this, which already makes him an amazing fighter and one of the strongest forces in the Public Division, Kishibe also has contracts with three powerful devils. The devils Kishibe has a contract with are the Claw Devil, the Needle Devil, and the Knife Devil. However, we do not have any information on how these devils work and the ability it gives Kishibe, since we have never seen him use these abilities in the manga, nor have we seen the devils themselves.

How Strong Is Kishibe From Chainsaw Man?

In Chainsaw Man’s Tokyo Special Division 4, Kishibe is regarded as one of the greatest in the business and is thought to be stronger than the Angel Devil, at least in Makima’s opinion. This implies that Kishibe could comfortably beat all of Chainsaw Man’s most formidable devil hunters, as well as perhaps a good number of the devils that Denji and his comrades have faced.

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In Chainsaw Man, he defeats Quanxi’s fiends by himself and breaks Power’s blood weapons with just his bare hands, demonstrating his ease in dealing with demons. Besides the most powerful devils, Master Kishibe may be one of the strongest characters in the Chainsaw Man series due to his proficiency with different weapons, martial arts, and superhuman talents.

When chatting with Himeno, Kishibe implies that her prior partners died because they were too normal for the job by saying that the secret to being a powerful and efficient devil hunter is possessing “a few screws loose.” According to Kishibe, devils likewise fear things they cannot comprehend. Therefore the fact that he may be half insane is what causes him to be such a menace to devils.

Kishibe is unquestionably strong, powerful, and competent, but his ultimate power comes from all of his accomplishments. He is undoubtedly more capable than many fans may have initially thought, and he would be challenging to defeat, especially in light of the numerous challenging events he has faced and learned from.


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Throughout the whole Chainsaw Man series, Master Kishibe may not even have received much screen time or attention, but he has had a significant impact on the main protagonists of Chainsaw Man as well as the rest of mankind. Master Kishibe is still very much a mystery, yet in the Chainsaw Man series, he is, without a doubt a legendary devil hunter.

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