Thor vs. Vegeta: Who Would Win in a Fight?

thor vs vegeta

The world of fiction is home to some of the mightiest and most powerful characters of all time, as we often look at certain fictional characters with power levels that are godlike. Of course, the Marvel universe is home to a literal god in the form of Thor, who is one of the most prominent Marvel superheroes. Meanwhile, the world of the Dragon Ball manga and anime is home to Vegeta, who is the rival and ally of Son Goku. So, in a battle between Thor and Vegeta, who would win?

Vegeta is likely to win a fight against Thor because he is simply on another level in terms of how powerful he is. He can easily destroy an entire world with his power and is capable of fighting on par with literal multiversal gods and surviving their attacks. Thor, meanwhile, is only capable of destroying planets in theory.

As powerful as Thor may be in the Marvel universe, the characters of Dragon Ball are on an entirely different level as they are simply so much stronger than other fictional characters. Of course, Thor himself is more powerful than most other fictional characters, but Vegeta is simply head and shoulders the superior character. So, with that said, let’s look at this hypothetical fight in greater detail.


Thor is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Comics universe as he is easily a character that can lift more than 100 tons. He is one of the few characters that could match the strength level of prominent powerhouses like the Hulk and Hercules. Thor is also Asgardian, which is a godlike race of some of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe. And Thor is the mightiest out of all of the Asgardians in terms of pure strength and physical capabilities.

Vegeta is often regarded as the second strongest mortal character in Universe 7 in Dragon Ball as the only mortal stronger than him is Goku, whose advantage over his rival isn’t even that wide. While we haven’t seen exact numbers that show just how strong Vegeta is in terms of his raw strength, the fact that Goku is easily capable of lifting over 100 tons in his base form means that Vegeta is just as strong. Of course, when Vegeta accesses his transformations, which increase his capabilities exponentially, his strength reaches levels that are nearly unlimited.

vegeta lifting

The fact that Vegeta is already capable of easily lifting over 100 tons in his base form means that he is already stronger than Thor without the need to transform. But when he accesses his transformations, he becomes a lot stronger than Thor.

Thor 0, Vegeta 1


The comics and live-action movies don’t give justice to how fast Thor is, but he is said to be capable of moving at speeds that are exponentially faster than what regular humans can achieve, although he isn’t as fast as a speedster. Thor is capable of moving at speeds that regular people aren’t capable of comprehending, as he has muscles that are strong enough to allow him to move swiftly. And whenever he is traveling in space, Thor is said to be able to move as fast as the speed of light.


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Vegeta is incredibly fast because he trains in gravities that are several times higher than the planet’s own gravity. As such, in his base form, he can move at speeds that trained fighters aren’t capable of comprehending, as he can blink in and out of a spot to attack an opponent without them noticing that he moved at all. Of course, whenever he is in his strongest transformations, Vegeta is capable of moving at speeds that are several times faster than the speed of light. It is even possible that he is thousands of times faster than light.

SSB goku vegeta

The fact that Vegeta is at a level that’s far ahead of any other character in terms of his physical capabilities allows him to be faster than other characters as well. So, as fast as Thor may be, Vegeta is simply capable of hitting him faster than the God of Thunder can blink.

Thor 0, Vegeta 2


One of the most notable things about Thor is that he is capable of withstanding attacks from some of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, as he was able to survive a point-blank blast from Odin and other characters that are just as powerful. In fact, he is so resilient and durable that Thor is incredibly hard to kill or put down for extended periods of time. This makes him one of the toughest characters in the entire Marvel Comics continuity.

thor odin.jpg

Vegeta’s durability has only increased since his introduction as a character, as he is one of the few names in Dragon Ball that could survive point-blank attacks from characters that could destroy entire planets. He can withstand punches and attacks from characters that are just as strong or stronger than a God of Destruction. Of course, when he uses his most powerful transformations, he becomes an immensely durable entity that is at the level above a God of Destruction.

Thor might be durable and capable of taking hits, but Vegeta has survived hits from characters that could have destroyed entire solar systems. As such, he is a lot more durable than Thor.

Thor 0, Vegeta 3

Powers and Abilities

There is a reason why Thor is called the God of Thunder, as he is basically capable of commanding the elements with his innate gifts. He has the ability to summon bolts of lightning that are powerful enough to damage godlike beings, as he often channels thunder through his hammer or axe to make the attacks more potent. Thor is also capable of flying while using his hammer or axe and has knowledge and skills in Asgardian magic and enchantments. His powers, of course, only increased when he became the All-Father.

Like almost all of the other characters in the Dragon Ball universe, Vegeta’s powers come from his ki, which is basically the innate energy that everyone in the universe has. He knows how to channel his ki into creating powerful blasts of energy that are capable of destroying entire planets or even solar systems. His Final Flash attack in his weaker Super Saiyan forms was already strong enough to destroy an entire planet. And if Vegeta were to access his Ultra Ego form, he would reach a level on par with some of the strongest Gods of Destruction.

Vegeta kicks granolah

Vegeta is at the level of a God of Destruction, which is one of the strongest entities in Dragon Ball. We don’t know what a God of Thunder could do against Vegeta’s incredible destructive powers.

Thor 0, Vegeta 4


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Thor, due to how long he has been in the Marvel Comics universe, has compiled feats that are almost unmatched because he has defeated godlike and cosmic entities. He defeated Gorr the God Butcher, who killed numerous gods from different worlds and timelines. Thor has also defeated a hungry Galactus while using the full power of his Odinforce. And empowered by the Odinforce, Thor was able to match the power of a weakened Knull, who was powerful enough to kill a Celestial with one strike.

thor galactus

Vegeta is often called the secondary hero in Dragon Ball, but his feats are anything but secondary. He has shown the ability to match the powers of godlike entities, as he defeated Top in his God of Destruction form. In the manga, Vegeta also matched and overpowered Granolah, who used the Dragon Balls to wish to become the strongest being in the universe. In that regard, he is capable of matching some of the strongest beings in Universe 7.


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Thor’s feats are legendary because he can match and defeat cosmic beings that are some of the strongest entities in the Marvel universe. On the other hand, Vegeta has done the same as well and has defeated godlike entities in his own universe. That’s why no one has the advantage here.

Thor 0, Vegeta 4

Thor vs. Vegeta: Who Wins?

As you can see, the only area where Thor can match Vegeta is in his feats, as there is a huge power gap between them due to the overpowered nature of Dragon Ball characters. While Thor’s powers are already beyond imagination, Vegeta is simply head and shoulders the stronger entity as there is even a good chance that he is exponentially more powerful than Marvel’s God of Thunder. That said, Vegeta should easily defeat Thor with little to no effort exerted at all.

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