Why Do Makima and Denji Cry While Watching the Movie in Chainsaw Man?

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Fujimoto managed to cram tons of lore into Chapter 39 of the Chainsaw Man manga, foreshadowing future events as we learn more about the infamous anime characters, Makima and Denji. Considering that Makima and Denji show little to no emotion throughout the story’s progression, many anime lovers are curious to know why Makima and Denji cry while watching the movie in Chainsaw Man.

Makima and Denji cry while watching a movie, specifically a scene where two on-screen characters hug. The entire scene established that both Denji and Makima were not quite human and prefaced Denji and Makima’s common desire for love, family, and hugs, all while foreshadowing the future dynamic between Denji, Pochita, and Makima’s reincarnation, Nayuta.

While Makima and Denji crying during a movie scene came as a massive shock, it highlighted some incredibly important underlying information about both of these characters – information that would ultimately shape the future of the Chainsaw Man universe. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Makima and Denji’s movie date and why the night ended in tears.

Makima & Denji’s Movie Date

The creators of Chainsaw Man packed a lot of meaning into only one chapter, starting off with a seemingly lighthearted and laidback premise. Makima and Denji decided to go on a date, specifically a “movie-hopping date,” where they watched various movies together until midnight.

makima denji date

Makima is known for loving movies and hating bad movies – the removal of bad movies was even a part of Makima’s sinister plan. However, she did state that, although rare, there are occasionally certain movies that manage to resonate with her.


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Denji and Makima are seen with neutral and even cold facial expressions while watching most of the movies lined up, most of which were said to resonate with humans. Although the last movie is still unknown, with some fans theorizing it may have been End of Evangelion or Princess Mononoke from 1997, it resulted in both Makima and Denji letting some tears loose.

Why Did Makima and Denji Cry at the Movies in Chainsaw Man?

Seeing Denji and Makima cry is a shock as is, let alone seeing them cry for the same reason. What’s more interesting about this is that the scene itself was said to be hard for humans to relate to deeply, which brought many questions and speculation among Chainsaw Man fans.

denji makima movie

The exact cause of Denji and Makima crying while watching the movie is never revealed to fans. However, the characters on screen were hugging at the time – most likely related to Makima and Denji’s sudden stream of tears. Although complex, the entire scene created some interesting perspectives, revealing that Denji and Makima’s dreams are much closer than many fans expected.

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Of course, Denji and Makima are vastly different from one another, despite Denji being in love with Makima for the vast majority of the Chainsaw Man storyline. While many fans began believing that Makima only cried to manipulate Denji even further, this scene made it clear that Denji and Makima had something in common deep down.

Devils vs. Humans

There was an interesting take on Denji and Makima versus other humans in the audience, which created questions concerning the two characters. During this point of the Chainsaw Man storyline, fans were still unsure if Makima was a human, a hybrid, a fiend, or a devil, as she merely appeared to be a mysterious figure at the time.

denji makima movie1

Similarly, fans were also still unsure if Denji was a human, hybrid, or devil at the time as well, as it appeared that Pochita had simply vanished after becoming Denji’s hybrid heart. It was only later revealed that Makima was actually the Control Devil, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It was also revealed that Pochita was alive inside Denji, transforming Denji into something completely unique. The distinct reactions from Denji and Makima compared to the human audience highlighted their inherent differences, making the two stick out among the crowd.

denji heart 1
denji heart 2
denji heart 3

To top it off, Makima even listened to Denji’s heartbeat after revealing his insecurity about losing his emotions, bringing direct yet discreet attention to Pochita. It made the grand reveal of Denji and Makima’s true nature that much more interesting in hindsight.


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Bottled-Up Emotions

Denji had an incredibly traumatic childhood, having to fend for himself due to having no family, selling many body parts to pay off debt, and eating from trash bins – Denji even killed his own father but blocked out the memory due to trauma. All Denji ever wanted was a normal life. He wanted love, peace, happiness, and the little things many might consider trivial.

pochita denji heart

It’s also possible that Denji felt a deep sense of loss for having Pochita with him, as he and Pochita spent most cold nights hugging each other to keep warm. He later tells Power that he keeps Pochita in his heart (seemingly metaphorically at the time). However, he always wishes he could have Pochita with him in the flesh, which could have also sparked some emotion from Denji.

On the other hand, Makima grew up under the guidance of the government, which ultimately led her to be cold-hearted, cruel, and undeniably twisted. Makima would go on to perform various evil acts later down the line, only for Chainsaw Man fans to finally discover that all she ever wanted was what Denji wanted – love, family, and hugs.

makima pochita

The two characters may be worlds apart, but it appears they are on two sides of the same coin now. A simple hug may be something many people overlook, seeing it as a natural and normal act of everyday life. But, for Makima and Denji, this scene really hit them in the feels, which is what ultimately seemed to open the floodgates.

Foreshadowing Denji, Pochita, and Nayuta’s Relationship

As the Chainsaw Man storyline progressed, fans became aware of the fact that Makima was never interested in Denji. She was after Pochita all along, hoping to use Pochita’s special powers to create a better world – alongside living a happy life with Pochita.


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However, Makima was ultimately defeated by Denji after her antagonistic tendencies proved too much for him to handle. To Denji’s and many Chainsaw Man fans’ surprise, Makima ended up being reincarnated in the form of a young girl named Nayuta.

The movie date and the teary-eyed moment between Makima and Denji were not brought up, but the revealed details can be linked to that night. Pochita tells Denji that all he ever wanted was a hug, and Denji made that dream come true for him.

He explains Makima’s true dream, revealing that Pochita may have been the only one who truly understood her. Being the Control Devil, Makima could never form equal and meaningful relationships with others, yet love was all she ever wanted.

Once Nayuta is placed under Denji’s care, Pochita tells him that he needs to make Makima’s dream come true by giving her lots of hugs. This not only creates a very interesting connection between Denji, Pochita, and Makima, but it confirms that Makima crying at the movies may have been one of her few genuine moments with Denji.

That’s everything there is to know about why Denji and Makima cried at the movies so far, with Chapter 39 images thanks to Manga Stream on Read Chainsaw Man. Denji and Makima have both proven to be incredibly unique and misunderstood characters for various reasons. Although their movie date’s finale was more emotional than many expected, it created an amazing premise for the budding relationship between Chainsaw Man and the Control Devil’s future reincarnation, Nayuta.

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