Do Denji and Nayuta End Up Together? Relationship Explained

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The Chainsaw Man saga flaunts tons of violence and plot twists, rarely focusing on romance. But, Denji’s infatuation with Makima has been a major point of interest throughout the entire storyline, and Makima’s reincarnation has left many Chainsaw Man fans wondering if Denji and Nayuta end up together.

Denji and Nayuta end up living a happy, loving, and wholesome life together alongside Pochita, although they do not have a romantic relationship in Chainsaw Man. Nayuta is still a child, with the chance of becoming just like Makima based on her upbringing, and Denji feels responsible for raising her with sibling-like love in order for Nayuta to be a better version of her former self.

Although fans are yet to see how Denji and Nayuta’s relationship develops over time, their newfound affection is all based on an extremely tragic and dark history. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Denji and Nayuta’s relationship so far, as well as how Denji’s feelings towards Makima could affect their future.

Denji and Makima in Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man storyline hardly focuses on romantic relationships, especially considering that Chainsaw Man characters die more often than we’d like to admit. However, when the creators do hint at possible brewing romances, such as the relationship between Aki and Himeno, there are tons of twists and turns to consider – with the odds always going against the prospect of a happy, long, and ‘normal’ life.

Does Makima Actually Like Denji in Chainsaw Man? The Reason Explained

Chainsaw Man fans always knew that Denji had a deep infatuation with Makima from the very beginning, with Denji wanting to lose his virginity to Makima. However, Makima’s interest in Denji has always had fans feeling quite suspicious of her true motives – particularly considering that Makima is seen as evil by most Chainsaw Man fans as well as other Chainsaw Man characters, such as the antagonist Akane Sawatari.


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Makima has made it very clear that she is a huge fan of the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, and it becomes clear that Makima never actually liked Denji to begin with. In fact, Makima simply wanted full control over Denji in order to destroy him and get her hands on Pochita, the primary reason for Makima killing Aki and Power in Chainsaw Man.


It was revealed that Makima believed she was a necessary evil, but she always intended to create a better world without fear – primarily using Pochita’s unique powers. However, she stated that she would see it as an honor to be eaten by him if her plan eventually failed (quite an ironic foreshadowing).

makima pochita

That being said, it was also clear that all she truly wanted was love, being unable to form equal and meaningful relationships with others as the Control Devil and hoping to have a long and fulfilling life with Pochita. This was quite ironic considering that Denji was in love with her, but Pochita would ultimately be the only one to actually understand Makima for who she truly was – despite all the pain she had caused for beloved Chainsaw Man characters.

Does Denji Like Nayuta?

Denji went through a lot of trouble to kill Makima in Chainsaw Man, temporarily separating himself from Pochita so that he could kill her and eat her body. However, since Pochita was not the one who ate Makima, the Control Devil simply reincarnated in the form of a young girl named Nayuta – although, fans still have tons of questions concerning exactly how Makima was reincarnated on earth.

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Nayuta reappeared after being carried in from China by Kishibe, after which she meets Denji. It is explained that Makima’s villainous nature may have been at least partially attributed to her upbringing, as it appeared she always had good intentions and life ambitions – with a completely sinister approach and twisted world views.

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According to some fans, Denji may not have cared for Nayuta in the way that he did without Pochita and Kishibe’s words, who somewhat guilt-tripped him into taking care of her as a child. Denji may have still felt the love he felt for Makima (at least, the person he thought she was), and he may have been filled with the hope of a better future for her as a result.

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Pochita revealed Makima’s true dream, being the only one who actually understood her on a deeper level, as he revealed he had a similar dream of his own – which Denji made come true through their friendship.

pochita dream
pochita dream 1

Pochita explains that she used the wrong approaches and ended up pushing everyone away instead (or killing them), after which he says that Denji needs to make her wish come true.

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Denji asks Pochita how he could possibly do that, after which Pochita says one simple yet heartwarming line: “give her lots of hugs”. Of course, this is implied in a sibling-like or parental way, but the thought of Denji having a loving relationship with an improved, less villainous version of Makima was more than enough to put a smile on Chainsaw Man fans’ faces.

Do Denji and Nayuta End Up Together?

At the time of writing, it seems that Denji has let go of his romantic feelings towards Makima, hoping to put the past behind him alongside all the pain she had caused him. However, these feelings appear to have been replaced by a different kind of love – one that seems far more genuine and long-lasting than the love he felt for Makima.

denji hug nayuta

It’s become very clear that Denji cares for Nayuta deeply, while simultaneously feeling responsible for her future and fate. But, since Nayuta is a child, under Denji’s care, it’s highly unlikely that Denji’s current kind of love will develop into anything romantic.

Denji and Nayuta: Happily Ever After?

Quite a few fans have speculated that the relationship between Denji and Nayuta is an oddly sweet way to conclude such a devastatingly dark and psychologically horrific past – as, in a way, Pochita wanted to be with Denji, Denji wanted to be with Makima, and Makima wanted to be with Pochita. It could be an incredibly poetic end to these characters’ conflict, but many fans expect yet another grim twist of fate further down the line.

makima dream

Being the Control Devil, Nayuta still has the chance of growing up to be far more similar to her former self, and many fans suspect she could become too much for Denji to handle. Although Nayuta may end up being a happy and bubbly sidekick to Denji and Pochita, she is still the Control Devil making her one of the most dangerous and powerful devils in Chainsaw Man by nature.

Denji’s relationship with Nayuta is definitely based on love and tons of forgiveness, but it seems Denji has developed a love that’s far more platonic and somewhat parental. His new goal is to raise her with as much humanity, love, and care as possible, in the hope that he can give Makima everything she always wanted, despite losing everything he loved as a result of her actions.


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That’s everything there is to know about Denji and Nayuta’s relationship so far, with images thanks to fans on Twitter. Although Denji and Nayuta do technically end up together, it’s not in the way many fans expected since many believed Denji would end up with Makima. For more information on Makima’s complex as well as her relationship with Denji and Pochita, check out the video below by Beyond Animation.

Of course, the hope is that things will go differently for Nayuta as she matures, with her potentially learning how to use her powers of control for good. The ironic fate of Denji, Pochita, and Nayuta is strange yet heartwarming at the same time, and most Chainsaw Man admirers hope these three characters can continue living a happy life together – after all, this is what all of them have always wanted.

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