10 Reasons Why Minecraft Could Be the Best Game Ever Made

Best Game Ever Made

Many might not agree because Minecraft is not their cup of tea, but the numbers don’t lie; Minecraft is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, games ever made. If that’s not the case, we can credit it as one of the oldest games that still manages to accumulate millions of players each month, even 11 years after its official release.

Minecraft has sold 238 million copies since its launch in 2011, and it doesn’t look like the numbers are slowing down. With 170 million active players each month, it’s still relatively easy to find just as many haters, but since I’m not one of them, I’ll give you ten reasons Minecraft might be the best game ever made.

1. It’s inclusive

minecraft inclusive

Minecraft is a game anyone can play. Even though many games market themselves as all-rounders for kids and adults, they fall naturally into Minecraft’s lap. It’s easy to play, which makes it good for the younger generations, and it allows adults to express their skills through building, PvP, and overall creativity.

Even though most Minecraft players are children, plenty of adults are playing well over into their 30s which is proven by the fact that most YouTube Minecraft creators are adults.

2. Sparks creativity

minecraft versatility

Creativity has always been a praised aspect of life, and Minecraft allows you to express it in an unusual way. Most laws of physics do not apply in Minecraft, and with plenty of blocks you can build with, it can set you up for an amazing creative outlet.

There’s seemingly no limit to what Minecraft players can do with the game. The only true limit is our imagination and how much work we’re willing to put into making it happen. Some Minecraft players decided to build a 1:1 scale of the entire world, some decided to build the universe, and some like to create artwork in a 3D space that doesn’t require any epic skill to learn.


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3. It’s easy to make friends

minecraft making friends

Over 170 million people played Minecraft in November, and you can find people anywhere. Whether it’s forums, random servers that you pop into, Reddit, or through YouTube, it’s easy to find people and collaborate with them on projects.

If you’re not into making new friends, you can play with your friends for free on a dedicated server just for you. Even if you had to pay for your server, it’d cost you around 3 USD a month, which isn’t a lot, and the cost is even less if you’re not paying for the official Minecraft Realms subscription.

4. It has a dedicated community

minecraft building

We’ve already covered that Minecraft has an amazing community, but I haven’t yet touched upon how this community can push you and make you want to be better. When we saw someone make Minecraft inside Minecraft, it made us see that almost anything is possible. We got inspired and started making our builds.

Without the internet, it might just be that Minecraft wouldn’t be so popular because it would get very lonely very easily. With no one to show off your builds or skills to, how will you get the motivation to move on and push even further? The truth is, you most likely wouldn’t, but luckily, in this day and age, almost everything revolves around the internet, that’s bigger than ever.

5. Minecraft content is diverse

minecraft on youtube 1

Did you know that Minecraft-related content exceeded 1 trillion views in 2021? It’s not like people constantly watch the same types of videos because there’s so much you can watch. You can watch Minecraft-made movies, roleplay videos, weird challenges for money, and awesome PvP fights, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Inside Minecraft, you get to choose between various play styles that will suit you. You can be a Redstone engineer, a builder, a PvPer, a speedrunner, or anything else. You can get good at pretty much anything in Minecraft. Even the best speedbridgers in the Minecraft community are people who build bridges to walk on super fast.

6. It’s cheap

minecraft price

Back in the day, Minecraft was only 13 USD, and although the price has doubled and you’ll now have to pay around 27 dollars for the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition, it’s still nothing compared to other popular games today cost upwards of 70 USD.

In case 27 USD is too expensive for you, you can always opt for the Pocket Edition, a mobile version of Minecraft. The best thing about it is that it’s almost the same compared to the console and PC versions. If you don’t want to pay at all, many Minecraft launchers are safe to use and entirely free.

7. Available on all platforms

minecraft versions 1

Nowadays, you can play Minecraft just about anywhere. At school, at work, at home, whether you have a high-end PC or an old brick of a phone. Minecraft isn’t a high graphics game, so it doesn’t take much RAM to work. Sure, your render distance might be low, but you’ll still get to experience it like other players.

You won’t get worse at the game if you have a higher ping, unlike League of Legends, where a high ping can ruin your entire game. No matter the device you have, you can play Minecraft on it without lag and without losing anything in the process.


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8. It’s not pay-to-win

no pay to win

How many times have you played a game, realized you’re getting nowhere, and wondered how the best player is the best, only to realize it’s a pay-to-win game? Minecraft is not pay-to-win. You only have to pay for the game and the server if you’re up for that, but you can get them for free mods.

Official mods on the Minecraft store are meant to enhance your gameplay and nothing more, and if you’re a Java Edition player, you can get free community-made mods, texture packs, shaders, and so much more. Besides, Minecraft isn’t about winning; it’s mostly about letting your creative side out of the cause as it is; the game is pretty easy to beat. Some of the biggest servers offer the pay-to-win option, but not many of them.

9. It’s educational

minecraft educational

For parents who don’t believe Minecraft is educational, it enhances your problem-solving skills; you have to do math if you want to build something geometrically correct, and you have to think hard about your space and where you’re going to place your blocks. It requires so much planning and dedication.

Besides, Minecraft is used in schools as an educational tool using the Education Edition, but even without the edition, you can learn much about the real world. For example, it showcases how pandas are an endangered species, how bamboo grows insanely fast in the real world, and how color combinations work, and that’s just a few off the top of my head.

10. Helps you evolve

minecraft awesome game

It takes a special person to get into Minecraft and stick to it. To start a big project and finish it. It might just be that Minecraft will help you evolve into a better type of person when talking about willpower, motivation, and drive.

In terms of people, every community has its toxic players, and Minecraft is no exception, but most players are willing to help and help you learn. Just look at the sheer amount of tutorials Minecraft YouTubers put out. They all want us to grow, and they want us to grow together.

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