10 Most Powerful Chainsaw Man Villains, Ranked

strongest chainsaw man enemies

The entire Chainsaw Man manga and anime is home to some of the most powerful characters due to the fact that the enemies that the Devil Hunters have to face are literally devils. These devils are manifestations of the greatest fears of humankind, and that means that they are incredibly powerful. In fact, they are so powerful that Devil Hunters need to borrow the power of the devils themselves to defeat them.

From start to finish, Chainsaw Man has seen its fair share of powerful enemies, as some of them are devils while some of them are humans with the power of devils. All of these characters are unique in their own right due to the devil powers that they possess. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the most powerful Chainsaw Man villains ranked from weakest to strongest.

10. Bat Devil

bat devil.jpg

One of the first major devils that Denji encountered in the storyline is the Bat Devil, as it appeared during the time when Denji was still getting to know Power. He was a devil that held Power’s cat ransom as she needed to feed the Bat Devil for it to regain its strength. And Power chose Denji as the unwilling payment for the release of her cat as she loved that cat more than anything else in the world.


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The Bat Devil is literally a gigantic bat that has devastating power and is capable of fighting Denji and Power on par. This cruel devil is capable of flying at remarkable speeds and has a huge and powerful body that’s strong enough to level entire buildings. Nevertheless, it struggled against Denji’s Chainsaw Man form and couldn’t withstand the power of Aki’s Fox Devil.

9. Akane Sawatari


Akane Sawatari was one of the most powerful enemies that Denji and company faced in season 1 of Chainsaw Man as she helped defeat some Devil Hunters during the latter part of the season while also contributing to Himeno’s death. And while she may be a regular human being, Akane is contracted to the powerful Snake Devil, which was a threat to the Devil Hunters when the Yakuza attacked them.

When the Yakuza ambushed the Devil Hunters, Katana Man was the one in charge of killing Himeno, Denji, Aki, and Power. Himeno had to sacrifice her body to unleash the full power of the Ghost Devil on Katana Man. But it was Akane who saved Katana Man from certain death by using the power of the Snake Devil to swallow and take control of the Ghost Devil. As such, Akane’s power is focused on her ability to control the Snake Devil.

8. Eternity Devil

Eternity Devil anime

While the Eternity Devil lacked offensive capabilities that can be destructive and deadly, it was a troublesome foe for Denji and the others when they were tasked to defeat it. That’s because it manifested in the form of a huge building that trapped Denji and a few other Devil Hunters in an endless time loop that nearly drove all of them crazy.

In that regard, while the Eternity Devil isn’t the most destructive and powerful devil, it is a troublesome foe that can be hard to defeat due to its ability to create a time loop. It was even able to hide its true body at will. But the Eternity Devil was eventually defeated when Denji tortured it using his Chainsaw Man form until the devil could no longer take more of the pain.

7. Katana Man

katana man

One of the first truly powerful enemies that we saw in Chainsaw Man, Katana Man is like Denji in the sense that he fused with the power of the Katana Devil to manifest a form that increases his power and gives him near-infinite life. In that regard, he is a lot like Denji in the sense that multiple swords sprout out of his body to become dangerous weapons that are strong enough to defeat Aki using his Curse Devil powers.

Another factor that makes Katana Man so strong is that he is incredibly skilled with a sword and is capable of a “blinking” strike that is so fast that no character could see it coming. As such, he has the skills of a professional swordsman. While Katana Man was initially stronger than Chainsaw Man, Denji found a way to outsmart him by tricking him, and that was how he was able to defeat him.

6. Reze


It was during the last episode of Chainsaw Man season 1 that we were teased with the next arc of the storyline, as this involves Reze, who is set to appear in the second season of the anime. In the manga, Reze is a beautiful young girl that seems to be too cute to actually pose a threat to anyone. However, she is one of the strongest enemies in the entire storyline.


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Reze, in truth, is the Bomb Devil that was sent from the Soviet Union to Japan for a mission. That means that she is capable of creating powerful blasts that can blow up buildings quite easily. In the manga, the duo of Denji and the Shark Fiend was not enough to actually take Reze down, as she is simply a powerful character.

5. Hell Devil

Hell Devil.jpg

The Hell Devil has a name that is as terrifying as it is, as this is truly a scary devil that represents the fear of hell. It has a gigantic form that is faceless, as only its mouth is open. Meanwhile, its body is covered in flames as it stays true to its name as the Hell Devil. And on top of its hellish appearance, the Hell Devil is also one of the strongest enemies in the entire Chainsaw Man storyline.

What makes the Hell Devil truly powerful and scary is the fact that it has the ability to summon a door in the sky. It can use this ability to send people to hell, and that makes it one of the most fearsome enemies in the entire storyline. And what makes it even scarier is the fact that it only needs little blood to return to full health if it gets injured in a fight.

4. Santa Claus


Don’t let the name fool you because Santa Claus isn’t the same jolly old fellow that you may be familiar with. Instead, her name is not as pleasant as you might think it is, as Santa Claus is one of the strongest enemies in Chainsaw Man and is the main antagonist of the International Assassination arc. Santa Claus is a woman from Germany and is still a mysterious character that has unique powers.

What makes Santa Claus so dangerous is that, on top of the fact that she is contracted with the Hell Devil, is that she has the ability to create dolls. She can even turn any person into one of her puppets with a simple touch. Santa Claus can also spread this control through her dolls whenever they touch other people, as this allows her to create an entire army of minions. And to top it all off, she can transfer her consciousness to another doll, as this makes her almost immortal.

3. Gun Devil

gun devil

Mentioned quite prominently throughout the entire first season of Chainsaw Man, the Gun Devil appears to be the main antagonist of the storyline but is actually just one of the most powerful devils that Denji and the others have to go through. Defeating the Gun Devil is the main goal of Denji and Aki, and they have their own reasons for wanting to kill it. But the fact that the Gun Devil is so elusive is what makes it incredibly difficult to find.

As the manifestation of humankind’s fear of guns, the Gun Devil is arguably the most destructive out of all of the devils in Chainsaw Man because it can kill millions of people in just a few minutes. It is capable of controlling deadly assault rifles that it can use with the precision of a seasoned soldier. On top of all that, it runs so fast that it is so elusive. This is why the Gun Devil is one of the most terrifying enemies in the entire storyline.

2. Makima (Control Devil)


Yes, Makima is actually an enemy in the Chainsaw Man storyline, as she is secretly the Control Devil in the form of a human being. While she may not have the same kind of destructive abilities that the Gun Devil has, her supernatural powers and her ability to control other people make her one of the most fearsome enemies in the entire storyline. And her actions in Chainsaw Man make her an incredibly polarizing yet respected villain.

As the Control Devil, Makima possesses the power to control those who are inferior to her as she can use her power to basically put people in a string and tell them to do what she wants them to do. This explains why Makima is capable of making some of the Devil Hunters do her bidding, as Himeno even wondered what Aki saw in her. And as we saw in season 1, she has the ability to kill people from a remote location as long as she has sacrifice on hand.

1. Darkness Devil

darkness devil

While the Control Devil serves as one of the major protagonists of the entire series, the Darkness Devil is arguably the strongest enemy in Chainsaw Man. In fact, it is also the scariest Chainsaw Man character as it has a body that is made out of human corpses. And as its name suggests, the Darkness Devil is the manifestation of humankind’s fear of the dark.


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In that regard, the Darkness Devil is a devil that even some of the most experienced Devil Hunters fear, as it has powers that are nearly transcended when compared to the other devils. The fact that it can make people bleed with a simple look already proves just how powerful this devil is. It can also use chants that can destroy a person’s body in a brutal way. However, when using the Black Sword, the Darkness Devil becomes a completely different opponent that can destroy enemies in a mere second.

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